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Why do stars keep losing their voice?

Why do stars keep losing their voice?


Vocal cord means a lot to singers, it is of equal importance to their lives. However, there are cases showing that singers lost their voices, leading to a delay or cancellation of personal concerts.

Two well-known singers of Hong Kong, Jacky Cheung and Hins Cheung, lost their voices due to a catarrh in 2005 and 2011 respectively. Their concerts are forced to be delayed. Jolin Tsai, a Taiwanese singer, temporarily lost her sound during her personal concert. Luckily, after drinking plenty of warm water, her voice recovered. An English singer and songwriter, Adele, was forced to cancel her remaining concerts in Wembley because her vocal cord is seriously hurt. But what makes our voice lost?

Firstly, improper use of our vocal cords like screaming or laughing out loud increase the chance of losing our voices. Besides, singers with unskilful singing techniques will cause discordant between breathing and singing which aggravate the burden on our vocal cords. Daily diet is equally important, we should avoid eating stimulating food that are pan-fried and greasy as well as drinking tea and coffee. These foodstuff

hinder vocalization and result in a lost in voice.

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