Why learn to sing?

Why learn to sing?

Why is it that so many people who sing boisterously when there are no other people, cannot be convinced to do the same thing in front of an audience?

Many people misunderstand and tend to think of singing as something that only professionals do. Somehow, if you are not a pop star or at least in a band then you can’t singing in front of audience. You would afraid that people may try to insult you. So you may simply embarrass yourself if you were to sing out loud in a public place!

The truth is; most people can sing well , we have to give them the right encouragement and provide a few basic tools to help them progress. Everyone can singing, don’t be afraid and frightened. As long as you practice hard, everyone is a good singer.

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事實是; 大多數人都可以唱得很好,我們需要給予他們正確的鼓勵和提供一些基本工具來幫助他們進步。每個人都可以唱歌,只要努力練習,每個人都是出色的歌手。

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