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音樂有助大腦發展 Music Benefits Our Brain


雖然音樂有極大益處,家長都不應該盲目强迫孩子演奏樂器或唱歌,應該耐心地和孩子一同發掘音樂的樂趣,找到他們喜歡的音樂,才能在音樂路上走得開心。來Sing and You一起發掘音樂的樂趣吧!電話查詢或試堂:2146-1188

Music release endorphins which benefits our brain. It helps to trigger our brain activity and improve our memory. Music also enhances our literacy development which contribute to our academic performance.

Even though music has such a huge benefit, parents should not just blindly force their children to play instruments or sing. They should patiently explore with their kid what kind of music they like. Gaining reward and enjoyment is also important in our music journey. Come to Sing and You to develop your music potential with our professional vocal coaches

! Enquiry: 2146-1188.


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