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我又不是專業歌手,為什麼要學唱歌? ’I am not going to be a professional singer. Why do I need to learn singing?’










想要現在就學唱歌嗎?打來Sing and You 21461188或WhatsApp我們 96981248。


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Singing karaoke is a very common entertainment and social activity nowadays. It’s always a good idea to be able to sing well. Afterall you don’t want to just sit aside when others are singing!

If your profession requires you to speak a lot, you may have the experience of having a sore throat frequently. To prevent that, you need to learn breathing and vocalisation skills which will help you sing better and protect your voice as well.

So do you want to sing better? Here are some advantages of learning to sing!

  • Singing trains our abdominal breathing and resonance which help us project our voice when we speak. A better speaking voice can improve our presentation and communication effectiveness

  • Taking vocal lessons help us enjoy karaoke activities with our friends and colleagues

  • Singing relax us mentally and physically, enhancing our quality of sleep and confidence

  • Research has shown that music can improve our EQ and creativity

  • Abdominal breathing can strengthen our trachea and lung, increasing our body's oxygen content for stress and pain release

  • The principles in singing is applicable to life, helping us live fully and confidently!

Want to learn singing right now? Call Sing and You 21461188 or WhatsApp us 96981248.

Enjoy singing with our professional vocal coach!

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