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Singing Triggers IQ 唱歌促進IQ發展

Singing releases endorphins, which helps to boost both right and left brain activity. We have to use our left brain when understanding lyrics and our right brain when dealing with emotions. The more we sing, the more it benefits our brain. Studies even found out that the IQ level of children attended singing classes is slightly higher than those did not attend singing course, come to Sing and You and improve with our vocal coaches together! Enquiry: 2146-1188

唱歌會使大腦釋放安多芬,刺激腦部發展。明白歌詞有助左腦的言語發展,表達感情則有助右腦的情感發展。我們唱得越多,就越能夠進步。外國亦有研究顯示,曾參加聲樂課程的孩子的IQ水平,比沒有參加音樂課程的孩子高呢!快來Sing and You學習唱歌,與我們的聲樂導師一同進步吧!查詢及預約試堂:2146-1188

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