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音樂令人感到放鬆 Music Keeps Us Relaxed


想讓你所愛的人感到放鬆?學習唱歌,唱些慢歌幫你愛的人舒緩壓力,除了不用花錢,更可取悅他/她呢! 想上一堂唱歌班體驗學唱歌的樂趣?聯絡我們,讓Steve及聲樂導師團隊啟發你對唱歌的熱愛! 電話:2146-1188 / (Whatsapp) 9698-1248

Soft music helps people to stay relaxed. Some doctors even mentioned that patients listening to the right music can be more relaxed in the operating room. Calming music provides a silent and comfortable atmosphere for people. Thus, listening to music before bedtime can enhance sleeping quality as well.

Do you want to help your loved ones relaxed? Learn to sing and help them relax with your songs - it's free and it earns you affection! Want a singing lesson and learn to sing better? Come for a trial lesson with Steve and his vocal coach team whose professional vocal coaching will surely help you succeed! Enquiry: 2146-1188 / (Whatsapp) 9698-1248

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