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音樂有助提升效率 Singing Can Boost Productivity

音樂令人愉悅,放鬆。音樂有助掩蓋嘈鬧的背景聲音,你也可以自由選擇想聽的音樂。但并不是每一種音樂都能有提升效率的效果。大聲的搖滾音樂衹會造成滋擾。如果你希望在安靜的環境中集中精神,一些柔和及安靜的音樂經已足夠。同樣地唱歌也能達到提升效率的效果,工作時哼些簡單的小調,能令心情更輕鬆呢!Sing and You查詢:2146-1188

Music can lift our mood and give us a focused environment. It cut off the background noise and give us a control of our aural environment. However, be aware that not all kinds of music can keep us concentrated. Loud and noisy music only acts as a distraction. If you want to have a quiet working environment, soft and simple music will be perfectly suitable for enhancing working productivity. Singing and humming simple notes gently can help you stay relaxed and focused for further work as well. Enquiry: 2146-1188


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