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學習唱歌可懂得更多詞彙 Learning Vocabularies Through Singing

背誦歌謠所學會的是大量的字詞,這是為閱讀定下基礎。只是在純讀熟歌詞,學童難免未能理解箇中意思。 可是當配上旋律和節奏時,相信學童對歌詞會有更深刻的了解。如《世上只有媽媽好》這經典童謠,歌詞淺易明白,但當中亦運用了不少的修辭手法,對於初學中文的幼兒來說,也許會不明所以。 不過透過旋律、節奏、音調高低起伏,這音樂確實能夠打進人內心。就算不懂歌詞,大概也能感受這曲的意思吧!

Sing and You設有兒童歌唱班,孩子可以選擇自己喜歡的歌曲自由唱歌。若孩子對歌謠有興趣不妨到以下網址遊覽 或是打電話21461188查詢有關課程

Singing and understanding the lyrics can build a solid foundation for learning language. With the beats and rhythms added, children can be more interested in singing the song, which helps them build a deeper understanding of the message and emotions of the piece of work. The beautiful phrases and vocabularies are often useful for future language development. Sing and You offers numerous singing courses suitable for kids, come and learn to sing with our vocal coaches! Visit or contact 21461188 for enquiries and trial lessons..

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