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你會自己寫歌嗎? Do You Write Your Own Songs?

多年來我教過很多歌手和作曲者, 我總能夠看到唱歌的能力可以如何影響一個人的作曲技巧。

老實說, 如果你現在要作一首歌, 那首歌想定是為自己度身訂造,好讓你自己能自信地歌唱出來。 毋庸置疑, 如果音域有限, 作曲範圍也會變得狹窄。新晉歌手和作曲家都會面對一個同樣的窘境- 歌漸漸聽起來都一樣,因為他們故步自封,一直唱同樣的歌、作同樣的曲, 重複類似的旋律、類似的強弱、類似的情感表達...




如果你發掘自己的聲音,會發現作曲靈感更多。而唱歌老師能幫到你。歡迎來電查詢: Sing and you +853 21461188/ 96981248 (whatsapp)

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I have taught plenty of singers and songwriters over years. I can always see how the ability to sing affects songwriting techniques.

To be honest, if you’re going to write a song, it would likely be one that suits your voice best so you can sing it confidently. Without question, if your range is limited, the range of the song will likely be limited as well. Both singers and songwriters would encounter this situation - you compose different songs but they all sound the same - same melody, same dynamics, or same emotion.

When you widen your range, your songwriting skills will also go up to the next level. It’s because with a wider range comes more choices.

It feels incredible while your song goes beyond your imagination. Besides, a song should have dynamics too. Most singers would make the mistake of using the same volume and emotion throughout an entire song.

Sing and you can provide every single technique you need to be a successful songwriter and singer. Call us at +852 21461188 or Whatsapp us 96981248 today!

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