Special Discount FEE

Special Discount Fee

8 hours (1 hour/class) 

Total 1680/8 class WC (6 to 8 students/ Class) 

Total 1980/8 class OC (3 to 5 students/ Class) 

Course Feature: 

1. Have Stage Performance in Shopping Mall 

2. Learn 2 Songs together designed by Teacher

3. Learn Singing to build up Confidence and to understand the meaningful story of the song

4. Learn English Diction 

5. Certificate after Level 1 and Students will be promoted to Level 2 Regular Group Class to learn and to sing different Song "I am Singer Class" or "RockSchool Exam Class"



總共 $1680/8班WC(每班6至8名學生)

總共 $1980/8班WC(每班3至5名學生)


1. 有在購物中心舞台表演的機會

2. 一起學習兩首歌曲 ( 歌曲由老師決定 )

3. 學習唱歌以建立信心並理解歌曲的有意義的故事

4. 學習英語詞典

5. 獲得1級證書後,學生將被提升為2級常規小組班,以學習和演唱不同的歌曲“我是歌手班”或“RockSchool考試班”


Teacher Tim

OC Wed 4pm 

OC Wed 5pm

OC Wed 6pm

OC Wed 730pm

WC 530pm


Teacher Alma

OC Friday 10am

OC Friday 1pm

OC Friday 2pm

OC Friday 330pm

WC Sat 1030am

WC Sat 2pm

WC Sat 330pm


Teacher Celina

WC Friday 5pm

OC Sat 330pm

OC Sat 430pm

OC Sat 530pm


Teacher Shan

WC Sun 1030am

OC Sun 2pm

OC Sun 330pm

OC Sun 430pm

OC Mon 10am

OC Mon 11am

OC Mon 2pm

OC Mon 330pm

WC Tues 10am

OC Tues 2pm

WC Wed 10am

OC Wed 2pm

WC Fri 10am

WC Fri 2pm

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