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Sing and You Principal 

Principal STEVE譚嘉筵
​founder and star voice coach

你知道自己的演唱還欠缺了些甚麼?你了解自己的聲線嗎?每一個人天生都擁有一把獨一無二的樂器,您是否有好好運用您的聲音? Steve利用自己過去三十年舞臺及最潮唱歌教學經驗,致力提升每一個人的唱歌技巧、演講、溝通、舞台表現能力,將平凡變成 不平凡,將不可能變成很多可能,來Sing and You實現你的音樂夢吧!

SING AND YOU 創始人Steve Tam 譚嘉筵在人事管理、行為分析、舞台表演和歌唱比賽方面擁有超過30年的經驗。利用超過1萬多個案例“任人唯賢”之道。因此,他的聲樂指導和歌唱課取得了巨大的成就,他更積累了超過50,000小時的聲樂訓練和音樂評判經驗。Steve 還教出第一個在美國達人秀 America's Got Talent 和 巅峰之夜 World's Got Talent 上獲得兩個黃金按鈕Golden Buzzer的九歲中國小女孩。Steve授課風格專業,清晰的突出重點與優點,注意雙向溝通,利用舞台經歷分享及分析,給學生作出最真實的參考及價值, 是為學唱歌的首選。Steve為學生們感到驕傲和自豪,因為學生們在舞台上盡情地釋放青春和活力,展現各自的才華,學生們在他心目中都是最棒的,他們都是祖國未來的希望,國家棟樑之材。

Do you know how to sing better? Do you understand your voice? Every person is born with a unique instrument - human voice. Are you using your voice properly? Steve, with 30 years of stage and singing experience and his state-of-the-artvoice coaching methodology, is dedicated to honing his students’ skills in singing, speech, communication and stage performance, turning ordinary into extraordinary and impossibilities into multiple possibilities. Let your dream come true!

Steve Tam, founder of SING AND YOU, has over 30 years of experience in personnel management, behavioral analysis, stage performance and singing competition. Integrating over 10,000 cases of recognizing and hiring talents with psychological studies, he has worked out his way to “pick the right man for the right job”. Therefore, his voice coaching and singing lesson has been a huge success and he has accumulated over 50,000 hours of vocal training experience and music judging. Steve also has taught the first Chinese who got a Golden Buzzer on the America's Got Talent. Steve has always delivered a professional style of teaching singing techniques, pinpointing key facts about selected songs and his students’ advantages. He stresses the importance of two-way communication while sharing and analyzing his stage experience as a role model for his students.


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