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Vocal Corporate Training 聲樂企業培訓

Want to Sound Like a Leader? Start to Offer Team Building & Singing Training to Your Staff and Your Company
想要像一個團隊領導者嗎?開始為您的員工和公司提供團隊建設和歌唱培訓 - 快樂並減輕壓力

In a Hong Kong-like environment where every second counts, work and OT make up a huge part of our live


今次Sing and You & Steve Tam 將音樂帶進職場,為企業帶來不一樣的培訓體驗。
This time, Sing and You & Steve Tam brings music into the workplace, bringing a different training experience to enterprises


Staffs like to perform to have fun at Annual Company Gala Dinner, like this example, all the employees of one of our investment banks clients well trained in Singing Skills under Master Coach professional coaching


在4小時濃縮課程內,Steve Tam 傳授靚聲要訣,迅速提升學生的唱歌技巧
In the 4-hour intensive vocal training, Steve offered the key secrets to sing better and made students' singing much better, just like a magic


We believe that a music and singing are one of the best ways to enhance workplace solidarity and bring joy into work


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Flexible Training Schedule 靈活的時間表 培訓計劃
1.5 hour Seminar or 9 hours (3 Days Training Group Class)
1.5 小時的研討會至 9 小時(3 天培訓

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