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Vocal Corporate Training 聲樂企業培訓

Want to Sound Like a Leader? Start by Singing with Them | Steve Tam| Sing and You



In the fast-paced working environment, one is easily exhausted from the daily toil.



This time, SAYMusic brought the power of music into the workplace environment.



In preparation for the upcoming show, employees from one of the investment banks trained under our professional coaching.


在4小時濃縮課程內,Dr. Steve傳授靚聲要訣,迅速提升學生的唱歌技巧。

In the 4-hour crash course, Dr. Steve taught the key secrets to sing better and boosted students' singing techniques.



We believe that a choir is the best way to enhance workplace solidarity and bring joy into work.



We wish them a superb performance on the stage!


Full video/ 完整視頻:


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