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Vocal Coach

Vocal Coach 



  • Plan and prepare lessons in relation to individual pupils' needs and syllabuses;

  • Acquire appropriate teaching materials/resources;

  • Teach music theory, aural skills and practical vocal techniques to pupils;

  • Motivate pupils and encourage progress;

  • Liaise with academic staff and/or parents;

  • Assess pupils abilities and provide feedback;

  • Arrange recitals/concerts for pupils' families and friends.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Music;

  • Grade 8 qualifications from ABRSM in Vocals or equivalent;

  • Excellent musical performance and teaching skills;

  • Patient and energetic with genuine interest in education;

  • Friendly, mature and well organized;

  • Previous teaching experience will be highly preferable.


  • 事前準備及計劃相關課程內容給學生

  • 準備適合教學用材及資源

  • 教導學生聲樂、發音技巧及聽力技巧

  • 鼓勵並啟發學生音樂能力

  • 聯絡有關職員/學生家長

  • 評估學生能力並提供專業意見

  • 安排獨奏會/演奏會給學生家庭及其親朋戚友


  • 持有有關音樂學士學位

  • 達到英國皇家音樂學院的聲樂八級或是有等同經歷

  • 擅長音樂表演及良好的指導技巧

  • 具耐心和熱衷於教學

  • 友善、成熟和具備良好組職能力

  • 有經驗者則優先考慮

Vocal Coach Assistant

Vocal Coach Assistant 



  • Work cohesively within a highly motivated and professional group of Vocal Coaches and Educational Assistants;

  • Assist Vocal Teachers in providing direct instructional vocal training to students at all levels;

  • Assist in preparing and developing teaching and learning materials;

  • Provide administrative support.


  • Ability to work independently and take initiative to support classroom team;

  • Passionate in delivering learning opportunities to enable students to progress and further develop their vocal skills;

  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.


  • 工作於一個專業聲樂教育團隊

  • 協助聲樂導師並提供不同程度聲樂訓練給學生

  • 準備及提供教學用材給學生

  • 懂得行政上的支援


  • 能夠獨立處理事務並且主動支援教學團隊

  • 具耐心並教導學生發聲技巧

  • 具備組織及溝通技巧

PR & Marketing Manager

PR & Marketing Manager 



  • Initiate, plan and execute a holistic PR & Marketing strategy to enhance the Company’s brand awareness;

  • Prepare the PR materials including press releases, media invitation, media interviews, concerts, posters, leaflets, etc.;

  • Initiate and organize events, marketing campaigns and promotion programs for brand building initiatives;

  • Track and manage PR and media budget;

  • To build and maintain connections and relationship with press, influencers, agencies, and media.


  • University degree holder or above, preferably in Communications / Journalism / Public relations / Marketing or related disciplines;

  • At least 3-5 years of solid relevant experience in PR, marketing, or corporate communications;

  • Exposure in the media and/or music industry will definitely be an advantage;

  • Possess strong connections with the press, media, sponsors and any other partners;

  • Strong interpersonal skills, detail-minded, dynamic, self-motivated, and independent;

  • Fluent in written and spoken English, Cantonese and Mandarin


  • 準備公關文件如新聞稿、傳媒邀請、面試材料、海報、單張等

  • 預算活動經費

  • 與傳媒、贊助商、顧客等建立良好關係

  • 積極策劃市場拓展、計劃宣傳、市場活動


  • 持有大學學士學位或以上,若是持有傳媒、市場營銷等相關學士學位則會優先考慮

  • 至少有3至5年相關公關、市場營銷或是企業傳播工作經驗

  • 與傳媒、贊助商或其他合作夥伴建立良好關係

  • 具備良好人際關係、細心、自我檢討、獨立

  • 能夠流暢寫作及順暢說英語、粵語及普通話

Marketing Trainee

Marketing Trainee 



  • Organize and manage PR events and local communication plans, including marketing strategy formulation and pre-production preparation, and budget management;

  • Handle marketing and promotion plans according to the brands’ strategic direction;

  • Drive and implement local communication plans including marketing strategy formulation for Company’s brand;

  • Build and maintain good relationships with local PR Agencies for roll-out of brand development and campaigns;

  • Research, study and consolidate event and market information;

  • Liaise with local media, clients, and vendors.


  • Strong sense of responsibility, strategic, result-oriented self-motivated, hardworking and detailed-minded;

  • Outstanding communication, interpersonal skills, presentation and organization skills;

  • Excellent command of written and spoken Chinese & English;

  • Candidates with previous internship working experience in event management or marketing will be highly preferable;

  • Communication and interpersonal skills;

  • A good team player and able to work well with others;

  • Result-oriented, enthusiastic, and able to work independently in a fast-paced yet dynamic environment.


  • 需組織及管理公關活動和本地資訊計劃包括市場營銷、資金管理等

  • 實行市場營銷及推廣計劃

  • 與本地公關公司建立並維持良好關係

  • 願意搜集資料、研究活動和市場資訊

  • 負責聯絡本地傳媒、顧客及供應商



  • 富有責任心、自我檢討、勤力工作和細心

  • 出色的溝通、演講及組織技巧

  • 良好的中英寫作及說話技巧

  • 有相關管理或市場營銷實習經驗者會優先考慮

  • 具備團隊合作精神

  • 具有工作熱誠及能夠適應工作節奏較快的環境     


Receptionist / Administrative Assistant



  • Perform general reception duties including but not limited to handling incoming/outgoing phone calls, greeting and serving guests;

  • Perform administrative duties including handling emails, faxes, and couriers;

  • Ensure the tidiness of the reception area, classrooms, and office area;

  • Manage class scheduling of students;

  • Assist in daily office administrative and maintenance work;

  • Provide administrative support for school events;

  • Perform ad-hoc duties as assigned by supervisor.


  • Associate Degree / Higher Diploma or above; Bachelor Degree is preferred;

  • At least 1 year experience in customer services or as a receptionist / personal assistant;

  • Excellent telephone manner and customer service skills;

  • Pleasant and cheerful personality with good interpersonal skills and communication skills;

  • Good command of both written and spoken English, Chinese, and Mandarin;

  • Detailed-oriented and work well in a team;

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;

  • Willing to work on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holiday.


  • 需要在不同場合表現大方得體如接聽電話或是招待嘉賓

  • 處理日常事務如電郵、傳真文件等

  • 確保招待處、班房和辦公室整潔

  • 維持班上秩序

  • 協助日常行政上事項

  • 提供支援給學校活動


  • 具有高級文憑或副學士學位或以上學歷,而持有學士學位則優先考慮

  • 至少一年工作於顧客服務或是私人助理相關經驗

  • 良好談吐禮儀及顧客服務

  • 性格開朗、人際溝通技巧好

  • 良好中英寫作及說話流暢

  • 具備團隊精神

  • 擅長使用Microsoft Office 軟件包括Word,Excel和Powerpoint

  • 願意工作於星期六日和公眾假期

Vocal Coach Intern

Music Teacher / Vocal Coach Internship



  • Assist teacher in planning and preparing vocal lessons in relation to individual pupils' needs and syllabuses;

  • Assist teacher in arranging recitals / concerts for pupils' families and friends;

  • Liaise with academic staff and / or parents;

  • Acquire appropriate teaching materials / resource;

  • Assess pupils abilities and provide feedback.



  • Degree in music from University/Music Academy/Conservatory of Music;

  • Diploma in Piano (ATCL, DipABRSM or equivalent) will be an advantage;

  • Previous working experience is an advantage;

  • Willing to travel to different campuses for classes.


  • 準備聲樂課堂所需的教材

  • 安排獨奏會/演奏會給學生家庭及其親朋戚友

  • 負責聯絡家長

  • 評估學生能力並提供意見


  • 需持有音樂系學士學位

  • 具有ATCL,DipABRSM鋼琴證書 或相等學歷則優先考慮

  • 具有相關經驗者優先錄取

  • 願意到不同學校教班        

Office Admin

Office Administration & HR Officer

Job Description:

  • Handle all rounded HR duties include recruitment, compensation & benefits, performance management, commission calculation, employee relations, company activities etc.

  • Provide office administrative support such as office renovation, procurement, facilities management and equipment maintenance, etc.

  • Perform general reception duties including but not limited to handling incoming/outgoing phone calls, greeting and serving guests

  • Provide professional advice on HR & admin related matters

  • Perform ad hoc duties as assigned by management.


  • Diploma or above in Human Resources or relevant disciplines.

  • Minimum 1 years of office administration and HR experience.

  • Capable to handle confidential and sensitive matters.

  • Good time management, detail-minded, working under pressure, efficient, independent and self-motivated.

  • Good communications & interpersonal skills.

  • Good command of spoken and written English, Chinese and Mandarin.

  • Proficiency in MS Office and Excel.

  • Immediate available is highly preferred.


  • 處理日常事務如招募人才、員工關係、公司活動等

  • 懂得接聽電話禮儀技巧,會面及招待顧客技巧

  • 提供人力資源上專業意見


  • 持有人力資源等相關高級文憑

  • 至少有一年相關行政和人力資源管理經驗

  • 具自信來處理問題

  • 良好時間管理、細心、抗壓能力高、有效率、獨立。

  • 良好社交技巧

  • 良好中英寫作能力及能用流利的粵語、英語及普通語溝通

  • 擅長使用MS Office 和Excel

  • 能夠即時上班優先考慮

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