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Parent Testimonials 家長心聲


好開心亦感謝 Steve 同 Sing and You過去幫助Charlotte係音樂路上繼續成長,令佢有機會在不同場合表演,同埋贏得好多香港唱歌公開賽既冠軍。本來Charlotte都有機會於【中國新聲代】比賽,因為時間上未能配合未能參加。但仍然好開心Sing and You比左好多機會Charlotte,例如係港鐵舉行個人演唱會,上TVB與肥媽合唱。真係好多謝感激Sing and You同 Steve 對Charlotte既培養同給予既機會,多謝。

- Charlotte 媽媽

I'm really glad and thankful for Steve and Sing and You's guidance for Charlotte as she pursues her passion in music, providing her with lots of opportunities to perform at various occasions and winning championships at many competitions. Charlotte was offered a precious opportunity to compete at China TV Show - Let's Sing Kids!, unfortunately she was not able to make time for it. Still, I am very grateful for all the opportunities that Sing and You has provided to Charlotte, from opening a mini concert at MTR Station to singing a duet with Teresa Carpio at TVB television show.  My heartfelt thanks to Steve's brilliant coaching. Thank you! 

- Charlotte's mammy

學音樂對小朋友既心智同埋將來既發展都有很大既幫助。而最重要的是小朋友在學習過程中能學得開心,自然就會有進步。而呢點都係Steve同埋Sing and You最特別既教學方法。我覺得Charlotte由第一日學唱歌到限時為止都學得非常之開心,所以佢先會各方面既發展都好好。老師係小朋友既咬字方面都落左好多心機,而Steve係表達方面亦非常之出色,幫助到小朋友,多謝Steve。

Music is very beneficial to children's psychological development and growth.  And I think it's important that kids are happy when they learn, because the joy of learning propels them to grow. This is precisely the philosophy that Steve and his team put into practice in their unique coaching. I think Charlotte has been very happy learning singing with Steve at Sing and You from day one, and I think the joyful learning process has helped Charlotte excel in other aspects of her life.  And I think Steve's team at Sing and You has put a lot of effort in helping students pronounce words with clarity. Steve is also exceptional in his communication with children.  My sincere thanks to Charlotte's vocal coach Steve Tam. - Charlotte's daddy

Athan未學唱歌之前其實係一個較為內向既小朋友,係班入面都較少同學一齊玩。當我知道Athan鍾意唱歌,機緣際遇下搵到 Steve學唱歌之後,我發覺 Steve 對Athan既鼓勵同埋Samuel對佢既教導,令Athan不斷進步。今日Athan參加過好多不同既比賽,除左獎項,從中更獲得好多自信。所以我覺得Athan係Sing and You入面學到既不只有唱歌既技巧,更加係對佢個人既成長有好大既幫助。上台唱歌不只有音準,自信心同埋面對群眾既經驗對Athan將來都有好大幫助。多謝Samuel以及Steve對Athan既教導。
- Athan 媽媽

Athan was a very introverted kid before he started learning to sing at Sing and You.  He seldom mixed around with other classmates before he learnt to sing.  But he totally changed after I discovered Athan's love for singing and put him in singing lessons at Sing and You.  With Steve's encouragement and teacher Samuel's coaching, Athan kept improving.  Today Athan has won a lot of prizes at competitions, but what's more important than prizes is the confidence gained.  Sing and You has provided Athan with not only singing skills but also stage confidence and stage experience,  My sincere thanks to Samuel and Steve for their wonderful coaching for Athan. - Athan's mammy

學生 Athan

多謝Steve用心教導Farrah唔同既技巧。我好鍾意聽Farrah唱【時間都去哪兒了】呢首歌。起初我唔太知首歌咩意思,但後來覺得佢唱得好有感情好好聽,於是就留意下d歌詞,之後佢每次唱lee首歌我都覺得好感動。- Farrah 爸爸

Thank you Steve for his dedicated coaching for Farrah.  I love it when Farrah sings the piece "Where is Time?" (Mandarin) taught by Steve.  I was not quite aware of the meaning of the song when I first heart it, but later I was impressed that because Farrah sang it so delicately and emotionally.   Then I began to pay attention to the lyrics.  Now whenever she sings it, I am very very touched. - Farrah daddy

學生 Farrah


好開心 Alan 黎左 Sing and You 之後,可以自己一個完整地唱到一首歌!錄MV 既過程對佢黎講充滿挑戰,但好開心呢個挑戰都增強左Alan既自信心!真係要多謝Steve同Sing and You 導師既教導!- Alan 媽咪

I'm so glad that Alan can sing an entire song on his own thanks to the coaching at Sing and You!  While recording an MV was challenging for Alan at his tender age, I am so glad that the experience had made him grow in self-confidence.  Sincere thanks to Steve and his team at Sing and You for the coaching! Alan's mammy

學生 Alan

多謝你們支持她。他們很會鼓勵,氣氛正面  她學了玩結他 他們給予了珍貴的事物。我很感激。

- Ann 媽咪

Thank you so much for supporting her.They always encourage and give her positive vibes. She also learned the guitar.

They give really nice things to her. I really appreciate it.

- Ann's mammy

學生 Ann

我很感謝Samuel老師。之前,Arete開了一次個人演唱會,她想唱【相逢何必曾相識】,Samuel老師提議和Athen合唱。其實本來Arete是希望和Samuel老師合唱,Samuel老師就建議和Athen合唱。他們表演的效果不錯,我們便向他們提議去比賽。他們在比賽上用了這首歌,獲得冠軍。小朋友合唱並不簡單,需要訓練,在比賽中效果這麼好,真的很感謝老師。小朋友的成功和進步很取決於老師,老師的耐心和耐性很值得我們欣賞。感謝Samuel老師,感謝Dr. Steve。

- Arete 媽咪


I would like to thank you Teacher Samuel. Previously, Arete did a mini concert, and she wanted to sing, “相逢何必曾相識”. Teacher Samuel suggested to perform the song as a duet with Athan. Arete previously wanted to perform the duet with Teacher Samuel, but Teacher Samuel suggested Athan instead. Their performance came out really well. So, we decided to have them compete using that song and they won first place. For kids to perform a duet together is difficult and takes practice. At the competition, they performed quite well. I really have to thank her teacher. The improvements and successes of students depend on the teacher. Their patience is really something we admire. Thank you Teacher Samuel. Thank you Dr. Steve.

- Arete’s mammy

學生 Arete

學生 Ashley


- Ashley 媽咪


First of all, I want to thank you Samuel. In fact, Ashley is actually quite happy to have met quite a lot of friends. I was concerned about her articulation, but after 4 classes of teaching from Samuel she improved a lot. Just now, she kept talking and smiling. Thank you so much.

- Ashley's mammy

Athen比Arete更早加入Sing and You,在Athen加入Sing and You前,他是個內向的孩子,他的老師說過,Athen小時候,在全班39人在遊玩時,他會獨自坐在班中的一個角落。之後我們發現了他喜歡唱歌,機緣下找到了Dr. Steve。從他學唱歌開始,多得Dr. Steve對他的鼓勵,Samuel對他的教導,由他第一次出外比賽,有了Dr. Steve給予的心理質素訓練,使他不斷地進步,直至今天他參加過很多不同的比賽,我發現他在台上獲得了自信。我發現他在Sing and You中學到的不只是唱歌,更有在個人成長方面的支持,在台上表演,重要的不僅是音準。他的自信心,面對群眾的能力,對在未來面對群眾的機會,各種場合中都有幫助。所以我很感謝Samuel和Dr. Steve對Athen的教導。

- Athan 媽咪


Athan joined Sing and You earlier than Arete. Before he joined Sing and You, he was an introverted child. His teacher have said, When Athan was young, amongst 39 students in class,  he would bring a chair and sit at the corner of the classroom by himself. When we realized his interest in singing, we found Dr. Steve. When he started singing, Dr. Steve encouraged him and Samuel taught him. Before his first competition, Dr. Steve gave him words of encouragement which helped him to continuously improve. Up till today he has joined many competitions and have gained self-confidence on stage. At Sing and You, he learned not only singing techniques but also support that are beneficial to his overall growth. When he perform on stage, not only his pitch is important, his developments in gaining confidence and facing the public are beneficial to his future developments when he needs to public speak and many more. I have to thank Samuel and Dr. Steve for teaching Athan.

- Athan's mammy

學生 Athan


- Candice 媽咪

Candice performed really well. She loves singing. She was really great.

- Candice's mammy

學生 Candice

我的兒子每次上完課後,他都表現得很有自信,並得到很大的進步。Sing and You的Dr. Steve和Samuel老師,Sing and You能帶給我們正能量,令人感到快樂,同時也給了他很多自信。

- Bosco 媽咪


After classes, my son gained more confidence and you can tell that he showed improvements. Thank you Sing and You’s Dr. Steve and Teacher Samuel. Sing and You has a lot of positive energy and it can spread happiness. It gives him confidence.

- Bosco’s mammy

學生 Bosco

我的兒子Carson在Sing and You學了一年唱歌,他是跟Samuel老師學習,老師很有愛心、心機,慢慢教導。由起初對音樂沒有認識,到現在有興趣唱歌,我感覺開心。過程中校長Dr.Steve有提點他,還有難得的機會給他上台表演,與一班小朋友一齊唱歌表演。除了學到與朋友相處,亦學到在舞台上的寶貴經驗。他來這裡學唱歌最大的進步是,他有了自信,從前他很怕與很多人一齊聊天,但是來了這裡唱歌及有了舞台表演經驗後,他已經不怕上台唱歌反而更投入。他喜歡唱歌但對其他的樂器興趣不大,我發現他在這裡唱歌後,他對鋼琴甚至結他也有了興趣,開始學習。如果家長有小朋友喜歡唱歌可以來這裡試堂,因為這是一個很開心很享受的經驗,小朋友除了在這裡學到唱歌技巧,可以學到與其他小朋友相處及得到舞台經驗。我覺得如果小朋友喜歡唱歌,是很值得參加這裡的課程。

- Carson 媽咪


My son, Carson has taken singing lessons at Sing and You for 1 year. His teacher is Samuel who is loving and has a lot of patience. At the beginning, he had no knowledge in music, till now he has interest in singing, I feel very happy. In the process, Principal Dr. Steve gave him pointers. Also stage performance opportunities were given to him. Along with a group of children where they performed together. Besides learning how to interact with other students he also gained performance experience. From taking singing lessons his greatest improvement is gaining confidence. He has always been afraid of communicating with others. However, after taking singing lessons here and gaining performance experience. He is no longer nervous about singing on stage. He is even more focused. He enjoys singing but he isn’t interested in learning other instruments, I realized after taking singing lessons. He became more interested in playing the piano and guitar. So he began to learn them. Parents with children can come here to take lessons because this is a happy and enjoyable experience, children will learn singing techniques. They will also learn how to interact with other children and gain performance experience. I think if children enjoys singing, it is worth it for them to join this course.

- Carson’s mammy

學生 Carson

我很開心 她唱得很好聽和進步很大。我很多謝Dr.Tam, Samuel老師及其他老師的支持。Candy今天唱歌我很滿意,進步很大,謝謝!

- Candy 媽咪


I’m very happy. I think she sang very well and improved a lot. I have to thank you Dr.Tam, Teacher Samuel and all teachers’ support. Candy sang very well today and greatly improved. Thank you.

- Candy’s mammy

學生 Candy

首先,很感謝Dr. Steve和Sing and You悉心教導Charlotte。剛才聽到Dr. Steve說他以前有過170多個學生,我相信他已創造了170多個歌皇歌后。我認為小朋友學什麼都是好的,當然,學習音樂尤其對小朋友的心智發展有幫助,社會亦愈來愈多音樂學院。在小朋友學習過程中,最重要就是學得開心,如果他們開心,他們自然會進步,當然能夠得到Dr. Steve和他的教學方法。我感覺我女兒從第一天到現在都非常開心,幫助到她各方面的發展。在今天唱歌的小朋友中有一點特別優秀。就是他們的咬字,雖然在音準上有時不準完美,但在咬字方面的確下了不少功夫。我知道Dr. Steve的工作背景和表達能力十分優秀。非常感謝。

- Charlotte 媽咪

First of all, thank you Dr. Steve and Sing and You for teaching my daughter. Dr. Steve had mentioned just now that he used to have 170 students, and I believe that these 170 students have become their own star. I think kids can learn anything, but I think learning music is positive for their emotional developments,hence there are lots of music schools opening. During their learning stages, the most important is they’re happy. If they’re happy, they will naturally improve.Of course along with Dr. Steve and Sing and You’s teaching system, I feel that from start till now my daughter has been happily taking lessons here, hence she is developing quite well in different areas. One aspect I noticed amongst today’s students compared to others is that they all articulate words quite well. Even though some student’s notes aren’t perfect, I did notice that they have used a lot of time on the articulation of words. I also know that with Dr. Steve’s background and presentation skills,he communicates very well. Thank you.

- Charlotte's mammy

學生 Charlotte


- Ann 媽咪


Firstly, I am very proud of her for making really original song. A lot of singing, and then performing on stage. I'm really proud of her.

- Ann’s mammy

學生 Ann

非常多謝,我覺得女兒今天唱得很棒。她很漂亮,媽媽我很愉快。謝謝老師!謝謝Sing and You!

- Joanna 媽咪


Thank you so much. I think my daughter sang really well. She’s so beautiful. I am very satisfied. Thank you to all the teachers. Thank you Sing and You.

- Joanna's mammy

學生 Joanna


- Elsie and Grace 媽咪


I wish she was more brave.It’s her first performance so she’s a bit nervous. She was nervous to look at the audience. It would be better if she can look at the audience when singing. Thank you so much. I think my daughter sang really well today. I hope the school will continue to improve and we will continue to come here to learn.

- Elsie and Grace mammy

學生 Elsie


- Candy 媽咪


This performance, I really have to thank you Dr. Steve. He taught her really well. I’m really happy. My daughter really changed. She is now happy and have a lot of confidence. Thank you.

- Candy’s mammy

學生 Candy

Jolin非常喜歡唱歌,從小就很喜歡聽Celine姐姐的歌。她的聲音很高,可惜年紀比較小。我覺得Sing and You是幫她有信心,讓她對唱歌有興趣,再讓她有信心。我覺得除了唱得大聲都唱得很好,今天是特別好的機會,對不認識的人演唱,在公眾地方演唱特別好。我希望之後有機會能多跟Dr.Steve,在Sing and You一塊唱歌學習,然後有機會跟Celine一齊唱歌就更好。

- Jolin 媽咪


Jolin loves singing. Since she was young, she loved listening to Celine’s songs. She has a high-pitched voice, however she is still young. I think Sing and You helped her gain confidence. She gained interest in singing. Which led to her gain in self-confidence. I think besides singing with power, she also sings really well. Today is a unique opportunity for her to perform in front of an unfamiliar audience. Performing in a public area is great. I hope there will be more opportunities for us to take lessons with Dr. Steve. At Sing and You to learn singing. If we have an opportunity to perform with Celine, that’s even better.

- Jolin’s mammy

學生 Jolin

這星期特訓很勤力,每天都有訓練。有時候小朋友放學疲累,訓練時狀態不太好,兩位老師不斷地鼓勵。今天真的很驚喜,很開心、興奮。剛剛落台後,她跟我說:「媽咪很好玩呀,我很享受!」真的很開心,有一個這麼好的機會,讓小朋友在台上表演。這個台很大,很多觀眾,看到很多其他地方來的小朋友都很強,很棒。這個機會很難得。很多謝Sing and You!

- Tiffany 媽咪


Tiffany was really hard working this week, training everyday. Sometimes she was tired after school, hence not very ready for the training. But our two teachers were so supportive. Today, I was really surprised. After the performance, she told me, "Mum, it was fun. I enjoyed it!" I was really happy that she has this opportunity to perform on stage. The stage is large with many audiences. I saw children from other places and they are powerful. Really good. We are honored to have taken this chance. Thank you Sing and You!

- Tiffany's mammy

學生Tiffany Wong

感謝Sing and You,給了這個機會小朋友。小朋友的發揮很好。希望在這個美好的節日,可以用自己的歌聲為所有人帶來歡樂,希望他們自已也能享受這麼美好的節日。

- Tiffany Wong媽咪


Thank you Sing and You for offering the invaluable opportunity. The childrens did really well today. Hope that in this delightful festival, they could bring joy to everyone with their beautiful voice. Hope that they could enjoy themselves as well.

- Tiffany.Wong’s mammy

學生 TiffanyWong

每次她們都一起表演,孖著上,很開心。唱歌給了小朋友一個平台,發展友情,玩得很開心,一起學唱歌。機會十分難得。今天的表演大家都很強。謝謝Sing and You,謝謝Dr.Steve舉辦活動,謝謝Samuel老師。

- Tiffany Ye 媽咪


Every time, they sing in duo on stage. It has been gleeful. Singing offers a platform for children to develop friendship, play and learn. It is a rare chance. Everyone perform really well today. Thank you Sing and You and Dr. Steve for organizing the event, thank you Samuel.

- TiffanyYe’s mammy

學生 Tiffany Ye

她很喜歡舞台。正如Dr. Steve說,他的學生屬於舞台。感謝Sing and You,感謝Dr. Steve親力親為的教導,使她由小時很害羞變到現在的自信,熱愛舞台。這裡漂亮的舞台能令小朋友很開心。有個難得的機會給小朋友,這方面也很重要,除了獲得自信,去多點不同的地方見識、歷練,除了唱歌這方面對小朋友亦很有幫助。

- Tiffany Ye媽咪


She loves the stage. As Dr. Steve said, his students belong to the stage. Thank you Sing and You. Thank you Dr. Steve's devotion to teaching. It has transformed her from a shy child to a confident, stage-lover. The stage is beautiful here. It makes children happy. It is a rare chance for children, which is an also important point. Besides gaining confidence, going to different places widens their worldview, experience them with challenges. Besides singing itself, these things also help them grow.

- Tiffany.Ye’s mammy

學生 Tiffany Ye


- Umi 爸爸

Umi’s main benefit from learning to sing is the improvement of her pronunciation. When learning English, she has high expectations when speaking English. When reading English books, she will place emphasis on the pronunciation of “s” and “r”. After taking singing lessons, her expectation in pronunciation increased. She’s used to making minor changes, she will request to sing together at home. Previously, she watched online videos. Now she listens to music. Taking singing lessons can help her make new friends . When she sees her singing classmates at shopping centres, she will greet them and sing with them. This makes me happy because besides at school, she won’t meet new friends at home, singing classes is a great place to meet new friends

- Umi's daddy

學生 Umi


- Victoria 父母


I’m so excited for her. I’m very proud of her as well. I think she did really really well. Absolutely. It’s been a wonderful experience. We’d love to do it again. As long as she’s having fun as well。Just thank you for teaching her and thank you for setting up this event. It’s been wonderful. Thank you.

- Victoria’s parent

學生 Victoria

大家好!我是Farrah的媽媽。我的小朋友四年級時,我想為她找一個優質的唱歌老師。一個偶然機會在網上見到Dr.Steve女兒,她唱歌非常吸引我,所以我千方百計去找尋Dr.Steve,然後找機會給我女兒跟Dr.Steve學唱歌。初時心態是想讓女兒在唱歌方面找到開心和自信。經過Dr.Steve訓練後,我真的很意外,她在很短的時間內進步了很多。令到我有一種感動的感覺,原來一個有方法的老師,教出來的學生是很不同。不只是令她唱歌唱得好聽,還可以使她有自信,與及唱出悅耳的感覺。唱完了,不論是家長朋友還她的朋友,大家說她的功力進步了很多。所以我覺得是有價值的。就算要千辛萬苦還要來Dr.Steve這裡,Sing and You這裡學唱歌。所以唱歌不只是給人們自信,還會從音樂中找到開心,很值得跟著Dr.Steve。由四年級到現在我女兒中三了,在Sing and You裡Dr.Steve會常常找一些機會,給學生在外面接觸社會或者世界,讓學生們可以更加自信站在舞台上表演。這是我意想不到我得到一些,很好的,這對我的女兒有很大幫助的地方。

- Farrah 媽咪


Hello everyone. I am Farrah’s Mom. When my child was in grade 4, I wanted to find a quality vocal teacher for her. I found Dr. Steve’s daughter online. Her singing attracted me to her. So I had to find Dr. Steve, I wanted to find an opportunity for my daughter take singing lessons with Dr. Steve. Initially I wanted my daughter to find happiness and confidence in singing. After Dr. Steve’s training, I was surprised at how much she improved in a short period of time. It really moved me, it turns out that a vocal teacher with good teaching methods teaches students very differently. Not only will she improve her singing, she will also increase her confidence. She will sing well with emotions. After her performance everyone said her singing improved greatly. So I think it’s worth it. Even if we have to travel a long way to attend his singing tutorial class at SAYMusic. Singing isn’t only to increase self-confidence and happiness can also be found in music. It’s really worth that learning from Dr. Steve. From grade 4 till now, my daughter is now in secondary 3. At Sing and You, Dr. Steve will find opportunities for students to experience the external society and our community. So students will have even more confidence to step and perform on stage. This was something I never expected to receive which helped my daughter a great deal.

- Farrah’s mammy

學生 Farrah


- Elsie和Grace 媽咪


Taking singing lessons here, I find that my daughter improved a lots. I think they are professionals here. We’ve been to other places for lessons, and here gave me the greatest satisfaction. Her vocal technique has improved a great deal. In class, I can see that she’s coutinuously improving. She’s increasing her confidence and able to open up. I hope she can take her class here long term.

- Elsie and Grace mammy

學生 Elsie & Grace

Jolie上了唱歌堂後,我覺得她的自信心大了。她有很強表演慾,她都會想即興唱歌表演給朋友 。同時節奏感亦好了,對於她學其他樂器甚至跳舞方面有幫助,亦令到她開心。在除了Sing and You教了的基礎外,當學到其他歌曲會用上同一種技巧,令她唱得更好。早前她上了一個小組班,小組班的好處是,可以與朋友互動及學識與人相處和一起玩。現在一對一學習可以加快學到技巧,令到她唱歌好更了,音準和發音更清楚了。另外除了音韻和節奏上進步了,其實亦可以幫助她學英文發音,整體上她說話好了。我會推薦朋友及小朋友參加我是歌手班。

- Jolie媽咪

After Jolie has taken vocal lessons, I noticed her increasing in self-confidence. And the increasing desire to perform. She will improvise and perform live for friends. Also, her sense of rhythm and tempo improved which helped her in learning other instruments and dancing. The classes also made her really happy. In addition to the singing foundations taught by Sing and You, When she learns other songs, She will apply the same vocal techniques learnt in class to help her perform even better. Previously, she attended the Group Class. The benefit of a Group Class is she can interact with other students. She can learn how to communicate and play well with others. Presently,she is taking Private Classes which has excelled her vocal training. Allowing her to improve her vocal skills. Her pitch and pronunciation are refined. Further to her development in vocal stability and sense of rhythm, vocal training also helped her in English articulation. Overall, her oral and speech have improved

I will recommend my friends and other children to join the “I Am A Singer Course.”

- Jolie’s mammy

學生 Jolie

我是Sasha媽媽,Anna。我們來到Sing and You學校,並正在報讀「我是歌手班」課程。Sasha非常喜歡來Sing and You上課,因為他覺得非常有趣,而且這裹的課堂可以做回自己及很自由。這裹的課程看重的不只是教唱歌,更會教你如何表達自己和做自己。學唱歌不只是為了學習技巧,是要將自己的情感表達出來,學習怎樣由歌曲中表達自己 ,這就是Sing and You 課程的特色。Sasha在Sing and You學習非常開心。

- Sasha媽咪


I am Anna, Sasha’s mom. Sasha is taking “I am Singer” class in Sing and You. Sasha really likes having class here, because he feel very interested. Also he is so free to be himself in the class. The class of SAYMusic is not only care about how to sing, but also how to express yourself and just be you. Learning to sing is not only about the technique, but also express yourself and sing your soul out. And that make SAYMusic’s class so special. Sasha really have fun when he having class in Sing and You.

- Sasha’s mammy

學生 Sasha

Bianca 沒有聰明啦. 是校長您教得好!她從很小就喜歡唱歌baby的時候就一直看視頻唱但是每次唱到高音就唱不上去學校鋼琴演奏的時候老師讓她彈唱她都不肯唱所以我就想她可以學唱歌幫幫她因為疫情一直在家現在美國這樣的情況我們就沒敢讓她去上學了看到您的學校可以上網課所以我就想讓她試試她也一直喜歡Celine姐姐希望可以像您說的一樣把平凡變成不平凡她可以受到專業的培訓但是關於學費特別是現在疫情期間對我們來說不是很輕鬆的家里人都是反對的但是我一直堅持我相信您所以我一直堅持一定讓她上您的課我也很抱歉難過不捨Bianca目前只能上這一期我是特別希望Bianca能一直跟您學唱歌但是現實就是這樣不如所願將來有機會一定還找您學她是一個挺懂事的孩子我告訴她這次能跟您學唱歌媽咪很難的是很不容易的希望她可以好好學所以我懇求您可以在接下來的時間裡可以教她抖音嗎?我希望她在有限的時間裡 可以跟您多學一點東西 拜託了

- Bianca媽咪 


學生 Biance

(United State)

是的,非常喜歡,謝謝校長用心栽培,謝謝sing and you 的所有老师和职员们,辛苦啦!

- Candy媽咪 

Yes, we like it very much. Thank you Dr. Steve for your hard work. Thank you to all the teachers and staff of sing and you for your hard work!

- Candy's mammy


學生 Candy


- Joanna媽咪 

Thank you very much for your guidance and professor! Johanna loves taking your class! I also found that she sang this song much more professionally than before. Although I don’t understand music, I just think it’s better!

- Joanna's mammy

學生 Joanna


- Tiffany Wong媽咪 

Thank you Dr. Steve for your hard work to strive for us! Much appreciated!

- Tiffany Wong's mammy

學生 Tiffany Wong

Marc很開心有機會參與3/3演出,再一次謝謝Dr Steve 的安排,還有Samuel老師和所有sing and you 工作人員。

- Marc媽咪 

Marc is very happy to have the opportunity to participate in 3/3 performance. Thanks again to Dr. Steve for the arrangement, as well as Teacher Samuel and all the sing and you staff.

- Marc's mammy

學生 Marc


- Elsie媽咪 

Good, it all depends on the teacher's guidance, thank you!

- Elsie's mammy

學生 Elsie

Thank you for the class, it was informative. I love the positive feedback, making this experience quite motivating. I look forward to the next class.

- Adam B


謝謝你的課堂,它提供了很多信息。 我喜歡積極的反饋,這使我頗具啟發性。 我期待下一堂課。

- Adam B

學生 Admin B 

(New York)

多謝你, Steve 老師, Kaitlyn同我講呢兩堂佢學得好開心,雖然仲係唱得吾好聽。真心多謝你令到佢學得開心,佢不停咁同我講你今日讚咗佢好多次。我睇得出你係一個好老師,而既然佢學得開心,又可以喺你身上學到嘢。佢直頭超開心啦,好緊張咁叫我記住問你。但我鍾意,希望有朝一日佢真正可以唱到咁。非常感謝您發送給我這段視頻,儘管它很短,我可以告訴她與您一起學習非常愉快,非常感謝您成為她的老師! 非常感謝您的專業意見和解釋,您教得很好,讓她喜歡唱歌,真是太棒了!我應該讚個學生唱得好定讚個老師教得好呢?非常感謝Steve老師! 得知您會教她一些高級技能,我感到非常高興,我會盡我所能! 這很棒! 非常感謝您,感謝您成為她的老師,我真的可以看到她的進步,您是一位了不起的老師,我們在吃午飯時收到了您的信息,您讓我們度過了美好的一天!事實上佢真係好比心機跟你學唱歌,以前跟咗幾個老師,我從未見佢主動練歌,從未咁想向難度挑戰,亦估唔到佢咁聽你話,叫我keep住㷛雪梨水平日飮,要上堂嗰兩日就㷛羅漢果,上堂之前仲要食小小白飯。佢自己都覺得之前學咗幾年唱歌都似乎係浪費時間同金錢,唔知係D老師hea 住教,定真係為咗保護佢把聲而就住教,to be honest, 如果我冇話你知,你睇唔睇得出佢已經學咗成四年唱歌呢?

- Kaitlyn媽咪 

Thank you so much for making her happy to learn, and she kept telling me that you praised her many times today. I can see that you are a good teacher, and since she is happy in learning, she can learn a lot from you. She is so happy,
Thank you so much for sending me her class singing video, even though it is such a short one, I can tell she enjoys so much to learn with you, thank for very much for being her teacher!
Thank you so much for your professional opinion and explanation, you teach her so well and make her like singing much more, that’s awesome!
Should I praise a student who sings well and praise a teacher who teaches well? Thank you so much
Steve! I’m so happy to hear that you will teach me some advance skills, and I will do my very best! It’s awesome!
Thank you so much and thanks for being her teacher and I really can see her progress, you are a great teacher, we received your message while we were having lunch, you made our day! In fact, she puts so much efforts to learn singing from you. I have never seen her take the initiative to practice singing from the previous teachers before. Also, I didn't expect she would be willing to challenge the difficulty and listen to you/follow your vocal coaching. She felt that learning singing from other singing teachers in the previous years seemed to be a waste of time and money. To be honest, if I don’t tell you, can you tell she has been learning singing for four years from other vocal teachers already?

Kaitlyn Singing Video:

- Kaitlyn's mammy

學生 Kaitlyn 


Hi Dr Steve, 你的MV感動到公公流泪了,再次感謝你用心做出來的音樂和MV! 佢好珍惜可以跟你學唱歌呢個機會,因為佢有D同學仔都話好羨慕,但媽咪唔捨得比咁多錢學唱歌!佢知道你係個有料又肯教人嘅老師,因為佢跟過幾個老師,學咗幾年唱歌,所以佢識得比較!

- Tiffany Wong父母


Hi, Dr. Steve, grandfather was in tears with your MV, thank you again for the music and MV you made with your heart! I really cherish this opportunity to learn singing with you, because she has some classmate who is very envious, but their mommy is not willing to learn to sing because of the fee! We know that you are a talented teacher because she has learned singing with several teachers for several years, so she is able to compare!

- Tiffany Wong's Parent

學生 Tiffany Wong

Hi Steve, thanks for the detail feedback. Chloe really enjoy doing the lessons with you and she’s very happy about it. I like your way of teaching (effective and efficient). So excited to see her MV.

- Chloe's mammy 

您好Steve,感謝您的詳細反饋。 Chloe非常喜歡和您一起上課,她對此感到非常高興。 我喜歡您的教學方式(有效而高效)。 很高興見到她的MV。

- Chloe 媽咪

學生 Chloe

(United States)

Hi teacher Steve! wow I can't wait to hear the whole thing. It would be great to do Thursday but I don't think I can because its the last week of school this week and I have lots of homework to finish. So then see you on Saturday!

- Chloe

你好Dr. Steve! 哇,我迫不及待想听到整個MV。 星期四做這事真好,但我認為我不能,因為這是本週學校的最後一周,我要完成很多作業。 因此,週六見!

- Chloe

學生 Chloe

(United State)

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