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Sing and You 是一個專業的歌唱教學星級平台,致力透過流行曲歌唱班、古典聲樂訓練等音樂課程和興趣班,栽培香港新一代唱作音樂人,並專門幫助小朋友發展音樂潛能,讓學生從小接受專業的音樂與唱歌技巧培訓,從而在舞台上及生活中均能展露自信。

Want to learn to sing, yet not sure where to start?  Or simply want to improve your singing for certain occasions and events?  Sing and You is professional vocal school in Hong Kong committed to nurturing vocal talents through a range of contemporary and classical music lessons and singing classes.  Whatever your learning goals and needs, our stellar instructor team led by prestigious vocal coach and pop singer Dr Steve Tam is here to make your dreams comes true.


【自彈自唱課程 】學唱歌 樂器
【Play n Sing Course】learn to sing & play (keyboard/ piano/ guitar)


【ABRSM考試班 】古典唱歌考試
證書課程 (1- 8級)
【ABRSM Exam Class】Classical Singing Exam Certificate Course (Grade 1- 8)


Charlotte,四歲開始師從 Steve Tam 譚嘉筵學唱歌,曾在無數唱歌比賽中獲獎,2015年接獲中國新聲代演出邀請,同年於港鐵站舉辦個人演唱會。在 Steve Tam 安排下,Charlotte 曾踏上伊利沙伯體育館舞台,在三千名觀眾面前獨唱《You Raise Me Up》,其穩定而嘹亮的聲線獲得全場熱烈掌聲。2016年被TVB電視台邀請與肥媽合唱《上海灘》。

Charlotte has been Steve's student since 4. Having won in numerous competitions, she was chosen to perform at China's TV Show "Let's Sing Kids" in 2015.  In the same year, she gave a solo concert at MTR Hong Kong Station.  Under Steve's arrangement, Charlotte has stepped onto the huge stage at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in HK to perform solo the song《You Raise Me Up》in front of 3,000 audience.  In 2016, Charlotte was invite to sing the classic Chinese pop song "Shanghai Tan" with Maria Codero. 

All-Round Singer Programme

I am a singer_poster_1920x1080_wo_logo.j

【我是歌手班 】唱歌課程 (任何年齡)
【I Am A Singer Course】singing course (Any age)





Want to sing better and win at competitions? This singing program is perfect for you who wants to brush up your singing!  Come discover your voice!

Dream to sing on stage and be a super star? Want to sing rock, jazz, musical, opera and other genres like a pro?  These courses will help you reach your singing goals in no time! 

Singing Interest Classes


​Want to take singing lessons just for relaxation? From toddlers to parents to OL, we've got you all covered!

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