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11 Health benefits of singing #3


Singing brings joy to many people – but did you know that your passion for singing can lead to incredible benefits in your physical, emotional, and social health? Here are 11 reasons why singing is good for you.

Singing is a natural anti-depressant

Singing is known to release endorphins, the feel-good brain chemical that makes you feel uplifted and happy. In addition, scientists have identified a tiny organ in the ear called the sacculus, which responds to the frequencies created by singing. The response creates an immediate sense of pleasure, regardless of what the singing sounds like. Not only that, but singing can simply take your mind off the day’s troubles to boost your mood.

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Singing lowers stress levels

Making music in any form is relaxing. Singing releases stored muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your bloodstream.

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唱歌給很多人帶來歡樂 - 但你是否知道你對歌唱的熱情可以為你的身體,情感和社交健康帶來難以置信的好處?以下是唱歌對你有好處的11個理由。


眾所周知,唱歌會釋放內啡肽,這種感覺良好的大腦化學物質讓你感到振奮和快樂。 此外,科學家已經在耳朵中發現了一個叫做小腦的微小器官,它可以響應唱歌產生的頻率。 無論歌聲如何,這種反應都會產生即時的愉悅感。 不僅如此,唱歌可以讓你的思緒擺脫一天的煩惱,提升你的情緒。

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以任何形式製作音樂都是放鬆的。 唱歌釋放儲存的肌肉緊張,並降低血液中稱為皮質醇的壓力荷爾蒙水平。

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