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Free your voice in 5 easy ways #2

Free your voice in 5 easy ways #2

以5種簡單的方式釋放你的聲音 #2

Your voice is an instrument that you need to learn how to play. This sensitive and invisible instrument needs an inner processes to be tucked away. As a result, it is tough to navigate and control the voice. There is a lot that one can do to improve one’s astonishing voice. Here are the top ways for freeing your voice.

3. Breathe.. More. Breath is the fuel for your voice. Breathe into your belly, your ribs, your abdomen and your back, but not your chest.

Here is the right way to breathe.

1. Start with your hands clasping your ribs with your fingers pointing towards your upper stomach and your thumbs wrapping around your back.

2. Exhale and press your hands together.

3. Now inhale slowly as you breathe directly into your ribs.

4. Use the pressure of your hands on your ribs to breathe into.

5. Then just when you are fully expanded, push the remaining air into your back.

By practicing breathing like this, you begin to stretch the intercostal muscles (muscles that wrap around and between the ribs). This frees the diaphragm and fills your lungs with air – it helps to free your voice and give you a more powerful voice.

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3. 更多的呼吸



1.先用雙手緊握肋骨,用手指指向上腹部,拇指纏繞在背部。 2.呼氣並將雙手按在一起。 3. 當你直接吸入肋骨時,現在慢慢吸氣。 4.用手壓在肋骨上吸氣。 5.然後,當您完全展開後,將剩餘的空氣推入您的背部。

通過練習這樣的呼吸,你開始伸展肋間肌(纏繞在肋骨之間的肌肉)。這可以放鬆橫膈膜,讓空氣充滿肺部 - 它有助於釋放你的聲音並為你提供更強大的聲音。

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