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Letting children to learn singing FAQ #5

Letting children to learn singing FAQ #5

讓小孩子學唱歌 問與答#5

Q5: What songs should I pick for my children?

Q5: 我應該選哪些歌給我的孩子?

It is important that your children have suitable songs to sing in each lesson. Instead of turning every song into a grueling voice exercise, try to use at least one song each lesson to apply the technical concepts taught to the child. When a child get a new song, let them sight read and solfege with help on the piano, this will help with their sight-singing skills and reinforce their musical ear. 您的孩子在每節課中都應該有合適的歌曲去唱。而不是將每首歌曲變成一個艱苦的歌唱練習,你應嘗試每節課使用至少一首歌來應用教給孩子的技術概念。當一個孩子得到一首新歌時,讓他們在鋼琴的幫助下理解歌曲,這會有助於他們的視唱技巧並增強他們的耳朵聆聽音樂的能力。

What expectations should you have when you children are performing?


Every child is different, so viewing them the same way would be harmful. There are children who simply love performing and will sing for family and friends without prompt, others would be too shy to do so. Ascertaining where your children lies and what you may expect is essential. Performing in front of the others is a skill that ought to be taught in private lessons, and how to encourage and push the child to perform without creating a negative experience is crucial. Vocal lessons should always be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the child.


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