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10 tricks to relieve anxiety immediately 唱歌如何不怯場!#2 上台前一刻消除緊張的十個小技巧!




“All the world's a stage.”

This is how Shakespeare saw the world. Life is abundant with stages for us to perform, big or small. You want to give your best singing performance on stage. But how to wipe away the stage anxiety, or a step further, transforming it into a desire to perform?

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10 tricks to relieve stress immediately


  • 喝一杯橙汁。橙汁有助於降低血壓,緩和焦慮。

  • 吃一根香蕉。香蕉能幫助人腦產生血清素(又稱【快樂荷爾蒙】),有助穩定情緒,抒緩緊張。

  • 咀嚼口香糖。這能夠減低唾液皮質醇水平,緩和壓力感。

  • 避免服用咖啡因。它會使你更緊張焦慮。

Stress-reducing Food

  • Orange juice. Drinking orange juice reduces blood pressure and relieve anxiety.

  • A banana. Eating banana could induce the release of Serotonin (the “happiness hormone”) and calm your mind.

  • Chewing Gums. Chewing gum reduces cortisol level and mitigate stress.

  • AVOID intake of caffaine. Caffaine might hype you up, but it also induce stress and anxiety.

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