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Learn Singing - Forget Lyrics #3 學唱歌 - 忘記歌詞的應對方法 #3

Forgotten Lyrics #3

忘記歌詞的應對方法 #3

3. Ask your friend in the auditorium spectatory help you

Another way that could work is to have a friend in the audience sitting nearby by the stage where you can see them during the performance. Make up a discrete cue system with your friend before the show, such as some gestures like if your touch your hair, then they would mouth the next line to your or use a gesture to bring up your memory. You can also ask your friend to have a copy of the lyrics so that he could help remind you the lyrics when you need help.

4. Put cue cards with memory joggers on the floor

Other than asking your friend to help, you can also prepare some cue cards with memory joggers and stick it on the floor before the performance to remind yourself with the lyrics.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

3. 請台下的朋友幫組你

另一可行的方法是讓台下的一位朋友坐在靠近舞台的位置,令你在你演出期間可以看到他們。 在演出前與你的朋友訂立一個獨立的提示系統,例如一些手勢,像當你觸摸你的頭髮,他們就會做口型讀出你的下一句歌詞,或者做出一個手勢來激發你的記憶。 您也可以要求您的朋友準備好歌詞的副本,以便在您需要幫助時協助提醒您歌詞。



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