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8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #3

8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #3

8個令聲音更悅耳的歌唱技巧 #3

All of us have a singing voice, but not everyone has developed proper vocal techniques in order to be sure where to find or how to use that voice. If you have ever considered yourself a “less talented” singer, don’t worry ! Have a look of the following tips !

Vocal tip 3 : Tighten your diaphram

It is absolutely essential to practicing good proper singing techniques that you understand how the importance of your diaphragm, lungs, and chest cavity affect your singing. Think of these 3 combined as forming a drum. A drum that is tuned loosely sounds flat and boring, as it lacks resonance. So the idea is to expand your rib cage by flexing the muscles that pull your ribs in and out. Effectively tightening that “drum”. This will result in better tones in your voice as well as increase your lung capacity, allowing you to take less breaths between verses, resulting in better control.

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以良好的練習以及合適的歌唱技巧絕對是對了解你的隔膜,肺部以及空腔的重要性是必不可少的,因為你可以從中學習它們可以如何影響你的歌唱。你可以把這3個部分組合並幻想成一個鼓。 有鬆散調音的鼓聽起來平坦且無聊,因為它沒有共鳴。 因此,我們的想法是通過彎曲拉伸肋骨的肌肉來擴張您的肋骨。 有效收緊“鼓”。 這樣可以使您的聲音更好,並增加您的肺活量,讓您在兩節之間減少呼吸,從而更好地控制。

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