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唱歌對社交有益 Social benefits of singing





知道了唱歌原來對社交有這麼多益處,還不快聯絡sing and you唱歌學校21461188或96981248(whatsapp)與我們專業的聲樂老師一起唱歌!

  • Singing can broaden your social circle: No matter you’re in a choir or just like singing karaoke with buddies, one of the benefits of singing is that it can help you widen your friend zone.

  • Singing enhance your confidence: Stage fright is prevalent new singers. Nonetheless, getting praise from your friends and family may be the key to deal with your fears and enhance your self-confidence. As time goes by, you may even find that your presenting skill get much more better than before.

  • Singing improve your communication skills: According to an article in The Guardian, singing to babies helps them to get ready for language. Music is as important as reading and writing. If you like writing lyrics on your own, get use of your gift. Boosting your ability!

  • Singing makes you appreciate other singers: If you don’t try something yourself, you’ll never know how difficult it is. As you grow from an new singer to an intermediate singers, you’ll probably looking for some inspiration from great singer. You might even start listen to some music that appreciate that you never listen to!

After getting to know the social benefit of singing, contact sing and you 21461188 or 96981248(whatsapp) and sing with our professional vocal coach.

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