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二次創作的經典歌曲(一) Derivative singing pieces (1)

當一首歌曲是風靡全球時,不同的語言版本的歌曲就會出現。要數出現最多不同語言的歌曲就是前幾年十分流行的迪士尼歌曲--<<Let it go>>。 此歌一推出就一直深受小朋友喜愛,繼而模仿劇中的主角,學習唱出主題曲。 即使是不同語言,在作詞方面都是希望能夠貼近原意。因此,二次創作的歌曲難度都是較高的。

大家若對歌曲有興趣,不妨查詢 或是致電Sing and You 唱歌學校 +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

When a song becomes a great hit, we start to see different translated versions of it. Can you name any pop songs that has been translated into different languages? Well, "Let it go" is one! And of course it has been hugely popular among kids and they often sing the song in different occasions.

When we try to translate a song, one of the difficulties is to balance between sticking to the original meaning of a song and making the words match with the music. It requires both skills and experience to translate not just the meaning of a song but also its feel and spirit. Those skills can be acquired through practice and continuous advice from a vocal coach. Come to Sing and You and learn to sing better with our professional coaches. Enquiry: 2146-1188


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