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唱歌需要練習嗎?--Does Singing Involves Practicing?

絕對需要!聲帶也是肌肉的一部分,我們必須有恒常的練習,才能保持它的功能及穩定性。以馬拉松選手作例子,如果他疏於練習,他的腿部肌肉也未必能夠支撐他爭端長跑賽事。因此,練習對唱歌是非常重要的。來Sing and You和我們的專業聲樂導師一同練習唱歌吧!Sing and You 唱歌學校 +852 21461188 / 96981248 (Whatsapp)

Definitely yes! Vocal cord is a kind of muscle and you should train it regularly in order to maintain its function and stability. Take an example, if a marathon runner fails to practise frequently, his leg muscle may no longer support his long distance running. Therefore, practice is very important in singing as well. Let’s practise singing at Sing and You with our professional vocal coaches. Enquiry: 2146-1188


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