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Harmony, Pronunciation and Interpretation of Singing

Singing harmony stride across the boundaries of singing and music arrangement, which also helps to add music layering in songs. However, how to sing harmony? It is difficult that only people who knows music theories and music arrangement is able to deal with. If you know how to use the gramophones, it may bring pretty good effect too. There are few types of choir: The repeating form (to help add layering in the music) and the contrapuntal form. In the pop music industry, not many artists are using these kinds of singing methods in their songs.

If you want to pronounce accurately while singing, it is important to exaggerate your mouth shape when you sing. A lot of people may mistakenly believe that a singer can freely interpret a song. However, the main factor affecting the interpretation is not the melody or the singer, but the lyrics and arrangement of the song. Singing is always the last part to focus on in no matter karaoke or recording a song in studio. Singers should perform and express their emotions according to the lyrics and arrangement of the songs. Therefore, when you ask how to sing a good song, the answer is not about singing skills, but about a good lyrics and arrangement of songs. The singer has to perform what the lyrics and the arrangement of the song wanted to express.

Short sound passes away quickly and may not have special effects when compared to long tone. Therefore, when we learn how to sing, it is important to focus on expression of long tones. If we cannot handle long tones well, we are not able to sing well too. Usually, vocal coaches will add tremolos in long tones to provide larger space for expression and interpretations. Therefore, if we want to sing well, it is a must to practice singing methods of long tones, to be expressive but not hyperbole.

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