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中樂小知識:琵琶 Chinese Instruments 101: Pipa

接下來就是介紹第五種中樂樂器是琵琶。它最早的出現是在秦朝。琵琶的名字是來自於「推手為批,引手為把」,故又稱之「批把」,其意思是指最基本的彈撥技巧。在這裡就告訴大家一個課外知識:D 有一個成語是「反彈琵琶」,來自於大唐時期一群舞伶在表演時舞出反手彈琵琶的舞技,被刻畫在敦煌壁上令人讚歎不已!

Pipa/ Chinese lute is a pear shaped and with five stringed instrument. Pipa is one of the popular chinese instrument nowadays. The name of ‘Pipa’ came from the technique of plucking. In the past, people always played pipa in special occasions because playing pipa was elegant.

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