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Here are some tips and tricks on singing that can help bring you closer to your dream of  being a pe

Here are some tips and tricks on singing that can help bring you closer to your dream of being a performer with a world-class voice! (Vocal Part)


It is difficult to have an outstanding performance that if you keep worrying about other things, it will make you seem like you are doing an eerie face, or you are too warm, etc. Focus on the correct pronunciation, getting your tone correct, and with enough power to sound out the notes.

Many beginners think that hitting high notes is difficult because they need a certain amount of power and volume, beginners may also be too shy to sing it loudly. Break the cage! When the song asks it, you just come comfortably and loudly - do not be afraid to look silly, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Once you are no longer worried about these things, you can begin to get real progress.


Many people 's tongue is too tight. They may unconsciously keep the tongue too stiff or press it on the roof of the tooth or mouth, which will definitely affect your perfect performance. So learn to relax your tongue and make a clearer pronunciation.

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#1 Vocal Tips : 放開你的抑制

如果你不斷地擔心其他的事情,你就會好像正做一個奇怪的臉,還是你太熱情等等,令你很難表現出色。專注於正確地發音,讓你的音調正確 ,並用足夠的力量發出聲音來發音。

許多初學者都認為是高音是很難的,因為它們需要一定的力量和音量,初學者也可能僧太害羞地害怕大聲演奏。 打破那個籠子! 當歌曲要求它時,你只需舒適地,大聲地帶出來 - 不要害怕看起來很傻,不要害怕犯錯。 一旦你不再擔心這些事情,你可以開始會得到實際進展。

#2 Vocal Tips : 放鬆你的舌頭

很多人的舌頭太緊張了。 他們可能會不自覺地令舌頭保持太僵硬的狀態,或將其壓在牙齒或嘴巴的屋頂上,這絕對會影響你的完美表現。 所以,學會放鬆你的舌頭,發出更加清晰的發音。

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