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Preparation on the ‘Big’ Day 在大日子的應有準備

Preparation on the ‘Big’ Day


The so call ‘Big’ day is the day we need to perform. Since these chances are precious, we should even do our best. The following steps can make performers have a good state before on show.

Firstly, we can close the door of our room at home to exercise ourselves and see whether we are in a good state. For example, some simple stretching exercise. The aim of closing the door is make ourselves focus and leave other disturbances outside the room.

Secondly, after warming up our body, we also need to exercise our instruments. That can be our voices or any other brass instruments and string instruments. If it is our voices, then we can do some vocal practices. If it is an instrument, then we need to tune them.

Thirdly, we need to choose a set of clothes for ourselves. Since they are not casual tee-shirts or jeans we wear normally, they should be more ceremonious so as to respect the occasion. Take the clothes out and iron it to make it look tidier.

Lastly, practices awhile in front of the mirror. The reason why we need to practise in front of the mirror is that when we are looking at the mirror, we care our facial expression the most. This can let ourselves know our faces when it is show time, just like having a trial show, imagning there are many audiences watching us.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

所謂的大日子就是我們要上台表演的那天。 因爲這些機會並不是經常有,所以我們更加應該做到最好,以最好的狀態演出。以下幾個步驟,能令表演者在正式演出前有最好的身心狀態。 第一,可以在家裡關上門,在房裏活動一下自己,看看當天的身體狀況,例如一些簡單的伸展運動。關上門的目的是令自己可以專心,把其他騷擾拒於門外。 第二,把身體熱身完,當然還有我們的樂器。那個可以是我們的聲音,也可以是其他的管樂、弦樂等。如果是聲音,那就做一些開聲練習,如果是樂器就要把他們調音。 第三,要爲自己選一套上台的衣服。因爲它不是我們平時穿的短袖或牛仔褲。它們應該是比較隆重的以專重那個場合。把衣服拿出來,再燙一下,令它更加筆直。 最後,在鏡子前練習一會。爲什麼要在鏡子前練習是因爲當我們看到我們自己的時候,往往會最著緊面部表情。這樣能令自己知道當我們演出時的樣子,好像開一場模擬演出,想像前面有很多觀衆在看著。

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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