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Ways to avoid ear irritation

Ways to avoid ear irritation


How sensitive are your ears? Different people react differently to contrasting sounds. Some people are more sensitive to high frequency sounds, for example shouting. If we want to protect our hearing, we first need to avoid irritation. There are some ways to reduce the chance of irritation in the followings.

Firstly, we can use earplugs to lessen the sound.

Secondly, when we rehearse, use a large and broad room with windows to let the sound dissipate. If we have to use a small room, we can use egg boxes or foam to deaden the walls so as to block the sound.

Thirdly, avoid singing right after swimming and make sure our ears are thoroughly dry.

Forthly, avoid drinking alcohol.

Lastly, If we are sick, get rid of singing, especially during throat inflammation.

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