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Audition Advice #2

Audition Advice #2

試唱面試建議 #2

3. Be Prepared

Do research about the group/competition that you are auditioning for by using the internet. Also, do listen to the songs and watch videos clips that you are going to sing in audition to familiarize yourself with the song. Moreover, having more practice before audition can give yourself confidence and help calm yourself during the audition. Practice smiling and a few poses in front of a mirror to make yourself look happy and confident, so as to to learn making eye contact. Most importantly, don’t forget to warm up your voice before the audition to get your vocal chords prepared.

4. Be Presentable

Please dress properly and wear something comfortable that allows you to move. Your appearance is a self presentation of yourself how serious you take the audition. Make an effort to look good, but do not go overboard. If there is no specific dress code, smart casual would be suitable for audition.

3. 準備好自己


4. 讓自己看起來更體面

請穿著地大方得體,穿上舒適的衣服,讓你動起來更輕鬆。你的外表反映了你對這次試鏡的態度, 要努力讓自己看起來得體,但不要太過分。 如果沒有特定的著裝要求,休閒裝會比較適合試鏡。

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