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How to maintain your vocal health? #3 如何保持你的聲音健康?#3

How to maintain your vocal health? #3


Because your voice is a part of your body rather than an external instrument, it is vital that you keep yourself healthy in order to consistently sing at your best. If your voice is "broken" you unfortunately can't go out and purchase another! Here are some tips to maintain your vocal health !

5. Skip Dairy products and irritative food

Dairy stimulates the production of mucus in the nose and throat , which makes for an uncomfortable singing experience and a desire to clear the throat repetitively. Spicy foods can also irritate the throat. Again, you might find that these foods don't have a huge impact on your voice and choose to only leave them alone in the lead up to a gig or recording.

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6. Avoid air conditioning when possible

Air conditioning tends to dehydrate you without you even realising it. Same thing with cold medication that dries up your sniffly nose. If you're sweating up a storm in the middle of summer and need relief, don't feel as though you can't enjoy the sweet cooling support of an air conditioner, but make sure you smash that water back!

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因為你的聲音是你身體的一部分而不是外部樂器,所以保持自己的健康是至關重要,這樣才能保持最佳狀態。 如果你的聲音,你很遺憾不能出去購買另一個! 以下是保持聲音健康的一些提示!

5. 避免進食乳類製品及刺激性食物

乳製品會刺激鼻子和喉嚨裡粘液的產生,這會讓人感到不舒服的唱歌體驗和渴望重複地清理喉嚨。 辛辣食物也會刺激喉嚨。


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