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How to sing with more emotions and techniques #5

How to sing with more emotions and techniques #5


A singer always have to handle two things while singing. One is technique, and the other one is emotion. When you focus too much on technique, the emotion suffers. When you focus too much on emotion, technique falls flat. The goal is balance, but how? Here are some tips !

5. Make it Yours

Every singer has their own unique way of expressing, their own way of interpreting a song. The key is to not get in your own way. A lot of people run into difficulty here because they are afraid to step out on their own. It is easier to “copy” someone else’s phrasing and expression. However, stepping out on your own and doing it your way is what gives singers recognition and their own style. Go in the direction your voice wants to go. Don’t force notes that are unnatural.

Start with finding the right key. If the song has lots of riffs, take some out. If the song has no riffs, try adding some. If the song is fast, try slowing it down to make it more acoustic and ballad-like. How does your voice want to sing the song? Experiment. Record, and listen back. Sculpt your song.

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5. 培養自己特有的歌唱風格

每個歌手都有自己獨特的表達方式,他們用自己的方式來詮釋一首歌。關鍵是要找到適合自己的唱歌風格。很多人在這裡遇到困難,因為他們害怕自己走出去,所以更容易“複製”別人的措辭和表達方式。然而,自己走出去並按自己的方式唱歌是讓歌手得到認可的原因。 走你的聲音想去的方向,不要強行唱出不自然的音調。

首先找到正確的密鑰。如果這首歌有很多的即興演奏,那就拿一些吧。如果歌曲沒有riff,請嘗試添加一些。如果歌曲很快,請嘗試將其放慢速度以使其更具聲音和民謠。你的聲音怎麼想唱這首歌? 實驗。 錄製,並收聽。 塑造你的歌。

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