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How to hit high notes when singing #1

How to hit high notes when singing #1

如何唱出高音 #1

It takes practice to sing high note, but how to hit those notes without straining your voice? Follow the steps below and start working towards hitting those high notes cleanly, every time.

1. Facial Relaxation

Some people think that the way to sing a high note is to open their mouth wider, push more air out and just go for it.

Nope! You will only end up hurting yourself. If the veins on your neck are standing out each time you reach for a high note, that’s even worse.

One great way to avoid injury is to learn to relax you face and mouth before singing.

  • Place both of your trigger fingers over your chin, with your thumbs placed on the fleshy part under your chin. Softly massage this area to loosen up the muscles.

  • Open your mouth and eyes as far as you can, then scrunch your face up as much as possible – do this a few times over.

  • Do a big yawn – this is great for stretching your face and jaw

  • Give your neck and shoulders a good stretch – you hold a lot of tension here that can get in the way of your singing.

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1. 面部放鬆

有些人認為唱高音的方法是張開嘴巴,把更多的空氣吹出去 , 然後就可以唱出高音。



  • 將兩個扳機手指放在下巴上,將拇指放在下巴下方的肉質部位。輕輕按摩這個區域,放鬆肌肉。

  • 盡可能地張開你的嘴和眼睛,然後儘可能地抬起你的臉 - 這樣做幾次。

  • 做一個大哈欠 - 這對於伸展你的臉和下巴非常有用

  • 讓你的脖子和肩膀伸展得很好 - 你在這裡會有很多緊張,這可能妨礙你的歌唱。

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