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10 Tips for Getting More Effective Warm-Ups for Singing #4

10 Tips for Getting More Effective Warm-Ups for Singing #4

為唱歌提供更有效的熱身的10個技巧 #4

All vocal warm-ups do not fit every singer. In fact you can easily strain your voice by trying to sing too high or too loud. So how can you find a more effective way to warm up for singing? Here are some tips !

7. Sit properly

We don't always stand when we sing so it's important to know how to sit properly. Sit in such a way that your back is supporting you. When singing in a choir, switch your position from one posture to another every 10-15 minutes. This will keep your back from becoming fatigued.

8. Tighten your buns

Another tip that has worked well for me is to tighten your buns when standing. This will strengthen your abs and the lower back muscles.

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並不是所有的聲樂熱身都適合每一位歌手。事實上,你可能會因嘗試唱得太高音或太大聲而輕易傷害到你的聲音。那你怎麼能找到一種更有效的方式來幫你的聲音熱身呢? 這裡有一些提示!

7. 坐好

當我們唱歌時,我們並不總是站立,所以知道如何正確坐著很重要。 坐在你背上支持你的方式。 在合唱團唱歌時,每隔10-15分鐘將姿勢從一種姿勢切換到另一種姿勢。 這樣可以防止你疲憊不堪。

8. 收緊臀部

對我來說效果很好的另一個提示是站立時收緊臀部。 這將加強你的腹肌和下背部肌肉。

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