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Give your dream of singing everything you have got! #1

Give your dream of singing everything you have got! #1 盡你所能給予你的唱歌夢想你的所有!#1 Music is never going to go away, same goes to singing. You can try to hide it away for sometime, but it will never leave you alone. So you might as well give it everything you’ve got. If not, you’ll never be able to live with yourself. Keep the following point in mind and you will be able to push yourself towards your music dream! 1. Make the Music You Want to Hear When you realized that you deeply wanted to sing what was in you – and more importantly – that you wanted to be heard. You might be a well-trained singer with a wide background and knowledge of theory and technique. And you wanted to make a record that could touch people, and you knew you had the skills to do it. All you needed is the guts to fulfill your vision and to follow your singing instincts and training. And if you were making it on your own terms, with no interference or control, you can sing something great, something you would be proud of, something timeless that would last forever and touch people’s hearts. And in order to do so, your singing record had to touch yours first.

Remember this, music is never going to go away. Once a singer, always a singer. At a certain point it becomes a duty to yourself and others to not hide your gifts away. So give in everything you can for your music dream!

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1. 制造出您希望聽到的音樂 當您意識到您自己非常想要唱出您自己的內心,更重要的是 - 您想要您的歌聲被人聽到。您可能是一位訓練有素並擁有廣泛理論和技巧的歌唱達人。而您想創造出一個能觸動他人的錄音,你知道您有充分的技能去實現。但您所需的只是勇氣,去實現您的願景並遵循您的歌唱本能和所受的訓練。如果您是按照自己定下的條件去製作錄音,沒有受到任何外界干擾或控制,您可以唱出您會引以為傲,並能永恆地觸動人們的心靈。然而為了做到這一點,您的歌曲錄音心須先觸摸到您的心靈。


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