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3 essential criteria in music that matters and impact thousands of people #2

3 essential criteria in music that matters and impact thousands of people #2

3個音樂能打動成千上萬人的基本標準 #2

As a singer, who does not want to create music that can touch the heart of every listener? Here are three general criteria that a influencing music should consist of.

2. A new way of bringing out the message of the song

The messages behind each song are usually similar, but with a new slant or in a new way is how the song can stand out. Hence, a song with a clear identifiable message that have a sense of artistry lyrically. That stand out because they are saying something we all have heard before, but in a way that can rip us open.

Therefor, write about what you have to say to the world and what aches in you to be heard. As only when you start making music that matters, that touches people and that heals people, That is what the great music does.

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2.一種揭示歌曲信息的新方式 歌曲背後的信息通常是相似的,但是如何讓這首歌脫穎而出就在於新的贅述方式。因此,一首具有明確信息的歌曲通常具有可以抒情的藝術感,讓這首歌很突出。因為就算他們說的是我們以前都聽過的信息,但是這種方式可以讓我們打開心扉。


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