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Dr. Steve Tutorial - Second Voice Tutorial

Dr. Steve Tutorial - Second Voice Tutorial of Beauty and The Beast (covered by Dr. Steve and Farrah)

Second voice a.k.a. as the harmony vocal is essential to a song, yet this is also a skill that is very hard to acquire.

第二部音, 也就是和聲是一首歌中不可缺少的聲音,但這也是一項很難獲得的技巧。

When singing as the second voice, you have to do two things at the same time, listen to the original voice and sing at a different voice. It may be hard to learn, but practice makes perfect. While learning the second voice, you need to do it step by step. Focus on a line first before moving onto the next. Put all of your attention on the notes, making sure you followed them as they are the foundation of the second voice. Get your vocal hitting the right note is your first priority, you can use ‘ba’ to start off so you will not be distracted by paying attention to the lyrics and the notes at the same time.


You may follow some tutorial videos online to learn. For instance, we have recently posted ‘Beauty and the beast’ covered by our school principal and one of his students Farrah, and a short tutorial on how to sing the second voice of the chorus part of the song may help when you are learning the second voice!

您可以上網從一些教程視頻中學習。例如,最近我們發布了由校長和他的一個學生Farrah合唱的“Beauty and the beast”,以及一個關於如何唱出這歌曲合唱部分的第二部音的簡短教學都可能有助於你學習第二部音!

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