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Letting children to learn singing FAQ #1

Letting children to learn singing FAQ #1

讓小孩子學唱歌 問與答#1

Q1 : Why should children learn singing?

Q1 : 為什麼要讓孩子們學唱歌?

The traditional way for children to learn music is to include group choruses and private instrumental classes. Both of these activities are important, while these are insufficient for children to develop proper singing skills.

In the group choruses session, children are expected to sing out the right words and the pitches. Vocal techniques are not the focus, and tutors may not be able to give the individual any attention. Such environment will usually bring the children bad vocal techniques such as straining the lower register on high notes (i.e bad belting), breathless, neck and throat tension, etc.

With the inadequate attention during group choruses session, children cannot address their pitch problems, therefore these bad habits will be solidified and be very difficult to change later. On the other hand, good vocal techniques learned at a young age will also solidify into a steady singing voice for the rest of their lives.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

讓兒童學習音樂的傳統方式包括小組合唱和私人器樂課程。這兩項活動都很重要,但這些活動不足以讓兒童發展正確的歌唱技巧。 在小組合唱課程中,孩子們會被要求唱出正確的單詞和音準。聲樂技巧不是小組合唱課程中的焦點,導師可能無法給予學生個人關注。這樣的環境通常會給孩子們帶來不好的聲音技巧,例如高音聲區,呼吸,頸部和喉嚨張力等方面使下部音調過度拉緊。 由於小組合唱期間導師給予學生的注意力不足,兒童的音調問題無法被發現和解決,因此這些不良習慣將會被固化,以後很難改變。另一方面,若在年幼時學習到的良好的聲樂技巧,這些技巧將在他們的餘生中鞏固,成就穩定的歌聲。

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