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SAYMusic Dragon Singing Contest 唱歌比賽 不要埋沒您的唱歌天份! SHOW OFF YOUR TALENT!


【SAYMusic Dragon Singing Contest 2019】


音樂實踐家歌唱比賽2019 比賽章程

比賽目的: 希望透過舞台,讓小朋友在良性競爭下發揮歌唱潛能, 讓他們在舞台上表現自己,從而提升其自我價值和自信心。

參賽資格: 凡就讀於本港之幼稚園及小學之全日制或半日制


日 期: 2019/2/10 截止報名日期: 2019/4/5

比賽組別: 幼稚園組(PN-K1/ K2/ K3) , 小學組 (P1-P3/ P4-P6) 及 個人Solo(公開組6-15歲)

比賽項目: 唱歌才藝表演


• 評判會根據參賽者的整體表現評分,包括技巧、演繹、感染力及台風等。

• 參賽者需參加三次初選,入圍者能晉升「王者之戰」,爭奪冠軍寶座。

• 冠軍寶座的評分準則會根據網上投票(50%)和SAY評審委員會(50%)而定奪。

獎 項:

• 冠軍 - 可獲發金牌、SAY現金券$5,000、西九龍中心現金券。

• 每位通過初選的參賽者將獲贈獎牌一個。

報名方法: 於截止報名日期前,點擊此連結填寫網上報名表格。

付款方式: 1. 以現金/EPS繳交報名費用

2. 連同轉帳收據電郵至或郵寄轉帳至 本校匯豐銀行戶口號碼:652 298126 001 帳戶名稱:Sing and You Coaching Co. Ltd

報名費用: 每位 $280


1) 比賽以個人/組別形式進行,參賽者需準備歌曲的歌曲以進行比賽。

2) 主辦單位有權因應參賽情況而作出相應安排及改動或取消任何賽事,有關參賽者將獲發通知,所繳之參賽費用一經報名,不論任何原因,一概恕不退還;所繳費用亦不得轉讓他人或轉作另一項比賽之用。

3) 主辦單位並不接受任何賽事更改之要求,包括表演排序、日期及時間等。

4) 所有參賽者必須準時出席該組賽事,若遲到之參賽者,會獲安排至該組比賽完畢後即時補賽,但其分數及名次將會被受影響。若該組賽事完結後才到達,將不獲補賽,已繳之報名費亦不獲發還。

5) 如未能出席比賽者,則視作棄權論,已繳之報名費亦不獲發還。

6) 主辦單位擁有比賽(包括過程中之所有錄音及錄影)所有影像或聲音之一切版權,並有權自行決定將有關之影像或錄音於網上或其他平台發放。

7) 所有比賽詳情更新以本校網頁及Facebook專頁最後公佈為準。

8) 如有任何更改或爭議,主辦單位擁有最終決定權,並無須作另行通知。


奧海城分校 Olympian City

九龍大角咀深旺道3號嘉運大廈G02舖 (奧運港鐵站B出口, 沿行人天橋步行3至4分鐘)

​G02, Skyway House, 3 Sham Mong Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon (B exit of MTR Olympic Station, 2-3 minute walk along the footbridge)

Tel: 2146-1998

灣仔分校Wanchai Branch

香港灣仔軒尼詩道103號越興大廈6樓​​ 6/F, Yue Hing Building, 103 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel: 2146 - 1188

Whatsapp 9698-1248

【SAYMusic Dragon Singing Contest 2019】

Show Off Your Talent!

SAYMusic Singing Contest 2019 Rules & Regulations

Objectives: To empower Hong Kong’s children to unleash their inner potential and present themselves confidently through performing and competing on the stage in a friendly atmosphere, while boosting their sense of self-worth and self-confidence in the process.

Eligibility: Full time or part time kindergarten students and primary school students in Hong Kong.

Date of competition: 2019/2/10

Deadline of Application: 2019/4/5

Categories: Kindergarten Category ((PN-K1/ K2/ K3))

,Primary School Category (P1-P3/ P4-P6) and Solo (Age from 6 to 15)

Repertoire: Any vocal performance

Judging Criteria:

• Candidates are judged based on their overall performance including techniques and versatility, arrangement and interpretation, stage presence etc.

• Candidates need to participate three selections, and finalists will be invited to join “SAY & Dragon Final Final Contest”, to fight for champion.

• The scoring standard of champion depend on the online vote and SAY judge committee.


• Champion- Gold Medal, SAY’S cash coupon, Dragon Centre’s cash coupon

• Every participant who has pass the selection will be awarded a medal.

Application method:

Before the deadline of application date, click the below link and submit the online application form.

Payment method:

• Pay by cash or by EPS OR

• Email or mail the bank payment slip to: HSBC Account:652 298126 001 Account Name:Sing and You Coaching Co. Ltd

Application fee: $280 per candidate

Competition regulations

• SAY’S GOT TALENT welcomes individual or group performances only. Each contestant should prepare their song for singing contest.

• The hosting organisation reserves the final rights to make amendments to or cancel the competition. Candidates shall be notified and in any case, there shall be no remittance of application fees once they are submitted to the hosting organization. Applications fees are non-transferable to other persons or competitions in any case.

• The hosting organization shall not accept any requests to amend anything related to the competition including the competition order, date, time etc.

• All candidates shall arrive on time for the competition. A make-up session may be arranged for late candidates at the end of the competition, though marks may be deducted. Candidates who do not show up by the time the competition is over will be offered no make-up for their performance and shall be disqualified from the competition. There shall be no remittance of application fees in case of disqualification due to lateness.

• Candidates who are unable to attend the competition will be disqualified from the competition and there shall be no remittance of application fees.

• The hosting organization owns the copyright of all video and voice recordings as well as images taken during the competition, and reserves the right to release these materials online or via other channels.

• Please refer to Sing and You Website and Facebook for updates on competition details and information.

• In case of any amendments or disputes, the hosting organization reserves the final rights of decision without a need of notification.

Enquiry Sing and You Music Center (Olympian City) : G02, Skyway House, 3 Sham Mong Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon (B exit of MTR Olympic Station, 2-3 minute walk along the footbridge)

Tel: 2146-1188

Sing and You Music Center (Wan Chai) : 6/F, Yue Hing Building, 103 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: 3102-0603 Sing and You Office Whatsapp 9698-1248

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