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Improve 30% Vocal Skills in 45 minutes by Vocal Coach Steve Tam 45分鐘的歌唱訓練,助你提高30%的技巧和能力

45分鐘的歌唱訓練,助你提高30%的技巧和能力 45 mins Singing Training To Improve 30% Skills and Ability

利用最短的訓練時間,令你的歌唱技巧有最大的進步! The shortest time creates the largest improvement of your singing!

歌唱訓練將由Dr. Steve親自指導,以他自己獨特的歌唱技巧進行教學! The singing training will be instructed by Dr. Steve personally, by teaching with his own unique singing techniques!

只需45分鐘,找出你的孩子於歌唱技巧和態度方面的長處和弱點! 45 minutes to find out your kid’s strength and weakness in singing skills and attitude!

通過提高你的歌唱能力、溝通技巧、自信心和智慧,你可以感受到你的進步和獨特性! By improving your singing ability, communication skills, confidence and intelligence, you can feel your improvement and uniqueness!

想利用最短的時間,以提高你的能力和技巧嗎? 不要猶豫,加入我們的課程! Wanna make use of your shortest time and improve your ability and techniques? Don't hesitate to join our course!

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