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10 tricks to relieve anxiety immediately pt3 唱歌如何不怯場!#2 上台前一刻消除緊張的十個小技巧!pt3

10 tricks to relieve anxiety immediately pt.3

唱歌如何不怯場!#2 上台前一刻消除緊張的十個小技巧!pt.3




“All the world's a stage.”

This is how Shakespeare saw the world. Life is abundant with stages for us to perform, big or small. You want to give your best singing performance on stage. But how to wipe away the stage anxiety, or a step further, transforming it into a desire to perform?

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :


  • 全身進行拉筯。表演前,你的身體需要進入放鬆狀態。如果你還在等候室,試試伸展你的手臂,扭動關節。

  • 針對【經濟艙症候群】的腳部操(見下圖)。在促進腿部的血液循環之餘,這一系列動作對放鬆身體十分之有幫助。

  • 按下【合谷】穴和【勞宮】穴。【合谷】穴能使你的肩膀放鬆,抒緩眼睛疲勞。【勞宮】穴能夠使你心境平靜,促進血氣運行。

Massage and Warm-ups

  • Stretch your body. Before the show, your body need to enter a status of relaxation. If you are in the waiting room, try stretching your arms and spin your joints.

  • Do the “Economic class syndrome” foot stretching exercise. This series of stretch exercises improves blood flow in foot and relaxes the whole body.

  • Try the Chinese Point-pressing technique on your palm. Pressing the “Hegu Point” relieve shoulder pressure and eye fatigue. Pressing the “Laogong point” calm your mind and improve blood flow.

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 :

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