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迪士尼唱歌小組課程Disney Course

迪士尼唱歌小組課程Disney Course:


Sat 3pm to 4pm Olympic

Sat 4pm to 5pm Olympic

Sat 2pm to 3pm Wanchai

Sat 3pm to 4pm Wanchai

Fee: $1680/4Lessons/Month

人數Number of Students:3-6人students/class

時間Class time:60 分鐘mins/堂Class

內容Course Content:教授迪士尼動畫歌曲Disney Song List 包括:

Once upon a dream (Sleeping beauty)

Can you feel the love tonight (Lion King)

Reflections (Mulan)

Let it go (Frozen)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Part of Your World (Little Mermaid)

A Dream is a wish your heart makes (Cinderella)

A change in me (Beauty and the Beast)

Under the sea (The Little Mermaid)

Do you want to build a snowman (Frozen)

My House (Peter Pan)

When you wish upon a star (Pinocchio)

I've got no strings (Pinocchio)

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