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8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #1 8個令聲音更悅耳的歌唱技巧 #1

8 Vocal Techniques to be a better voice #1

8個令聲音更悅耳的歌唱技巧 #1

All of us have a singing voice, but not everyone has developed proper vocal techniques in order to be sure where to find or how to use that voice. If you have ever considered yourself a “less talented” singer, don’t worry ! Have a look of the following tips !

Vocal Tip 1 : Posture

Stand straight when you sing. It’s vitally important to align your body parts and prepare them to support your sound while eliminating tension. Tension not only makes you feel uncomfortable and affects your mood, but can greatly restrict air flow, making singing a chore rather than pure enjoyment.

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Exercise: Find a wall and stand with your back to it. Place your head on the wall so that your chin is parallel to the floor. Open your shoulders and roll them back to the wall. Without allowing your spine to touch, slowly move your back towards the wall to straighten. Arms to your sides. Feet shoulder width apart, find your balance. Try to relax. The only tension you create should be in your abdominal muscles that are supporting your singing. It is more effective if you do this in front of a mirror. This can especially help you to visualize your stance after you see and feel proper posture.

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