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學唱歌學彈琴 Learn To Sing & Learn to Play Piano (Beginner) Class

Beginner class

Duration : 1 hr

Content :

- Singing techniques: learn how to use vocal cord correctly, learn how to be a performer through learning different styles of music

- Theory & piano: by applying theory when playing the piano, one will learn to express music with basic rhythms

初級- 一小時課程

- 唱歌技巧:開發聲帶,學習如何正確運聲,透過不同演奏的曲目瞭解如何做一個歌唱表演家

- 樂理/琴:透過鋼琴實踐學習的基本學理,瞭解如何在歌曲裡運用不同拍子發揮出更佳的水準。

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