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學唱歌 - 創作自己的歌曲和歌詞 Learn Singing and Composing Your Own Song

Japanese Student SAYMusic Keyola is trying to compose her own song and lyric. Once she is done, we will try to help her make it up a music background. If you also enjoy learning song composing and let us make you a music background for your own song, BOOK A TRIAL NOW

SAY日本學生SAYMusic Keyola正在嘗試創作自己的歌曲和歌詞。 待她完成後,我們將嘗試幫助她製作音樂背景。 如果您也喜歡歌曲創作,並且希望讓我們為您創作的製作音樂背景,請立即預約試堂

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