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Learn Singing - Forget Lyrics #1 學唱歌 - 忘記歌詞的應對方法 #1

Forgotten Lyrics #1

忘記歌詞的應對方法 #1

It is not surprising that everyone have all forgotten lyrics at some point when your mind has gone blank. So what should you do when you have forgotten your lyrics dutring performance? Here are some backup plan for you !

  1. Do not stop singing

When you suddenly forgot your lyrics, don’t immediately stop singing to give yourself some time to remember the words. Keep your mouth close to the microphone and sing in tune with some vowel sounds. It will sound muffled to your audience but they probably won’t notice anything wrong.

If you are singing in a group or choir, the old ‘Rhubarb’ trick can help. Mouth the word ‘Rhubarb’ silently in time with the music until you remember the lyrics again. However, if you have a more prominent part, this trick is not going to work.

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當你的思緒一片空白時,每個人都難免會忘記歌詞,這情況並不奇怪。那麼當你在表演的時候忘記歌詞你應該怎麼做? 參考以下的備用計劃吧!

  1. 不要停止唱歌


如果你是在一個小組或合唱團唱歌,舊的“Rhubarb”技巧可以幫助你。跟隨音樂悄悄地說出“Rhubarb”這個詞,直到你再次記起歌詞。 但是,如果你有一個更突出的部分,這個技巧是行不通的。

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