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3 Mindset that you should process on your journey of learning singing #1

3 Mindset that you should process on your journey of learning singing #1


On the journey of achieving your music dream, it will be great to receive different kind of help, may it be vocal or music growing. Yet everyone is experiencing similar difficulties, so your mindset is often the key in determining whether you excel or stall out.

1. Confidence

Confidence is not something you were born with, as it rises and drops based on your life experience. You have to cultivate your confidence. It is all about what you think and how you think about things.

Action step: Doubting yourself is normal when you haven’t paid enough effort on your music. Hence, you need to put in more effort and dig in deeper. The road to success is paved with many obstacles. Staying fast in finding your way and stepping over the obstacles (with a solid pair of boots), will help you elevate your trust towards yourself and boost your self-confidence.

Sing and you can be the pair of boots that you can trust and walk through the hills and mountains that was on your way towards your dream.

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在實現音樂夢想的過程中,您可能需要不同的幫助,這些可能是音樂技巧上或音樂發展上 。然而每個人都會遇到類似的困難,而你的心態往往是決定你結局的重要因素。

1. 信心



行動:當你對自己的音樂沒有付出足夠的努力,懷疑自己是正常的。這只意味著你需要加倍地努力並更深地發挖自己的才能 。通往成功的道路上鋪滿了許多障礙。堅持不懈地尋找自己的方式並踩過障礙(穿上一雙堅固的靴),將幫助您提升內在對自己的信任,增強真正的自信心。

SING and You可以成為你一雙堅固的靴, 陪你踏平障礙。

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