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我們爲何需要音樂?Why Do We Need Music?

我們聽音樂,唱歌,寫出一首首不同的樂曲。音樂不受語言,時間,地區的限制,是全球性的。我們與音樂有情感上的聯係,從音樂中獲得希望,靈感等的例子多不勝數。當歌手能全面地把樂曲演繹出來時,音樂就能充滿力量,甚至改變我們的生活。有些人甚至覺得音樂能帶給人很大的歡樂,是最重要的非物質生存工具。與Sing and You的專業導師發掘音樂的力量吧!預約試堂及查詢:2146-1188

Music is universal. We sing, we play and we compose music. It is a piece of art with no language,geographical and time barrier. People often feel connected with music since music can trigger feelings. We may gain hope and inspirations from music as well. Music, when it is beautifully composed and delivered, is a strong and powerful content which may transform our life. Some even argue that music is the most important survival mechanism since it is the most desirable and pleasurable thing for people. Come and feel the power of music with SAY vocal coaches. Book a trial or enquiry: 2146-1188.


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