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All About Taking Care Of Your Singing Voice

All About Taking Care Of Your Singing Voice


Here are some valuable tips you have to know if you want to have the healthy vocal.

First, keep warm – cold weather means cold body, a cold body means constricted blood vessels, tense muscles and this, in turn, can result in a strained singing voice.

Next, rest your voice – even though you love singing so much. However, you may feel tired when you singing all the time. Singers are same as athletes, athletes have to take a rest in between games, singers have to take some rest between performances and rehearsals.

Moreover, avoid screaming –you have to protect your voice and vocal cord, make sure to avoid shouting, screaming or unnecessarily straining your voice.

Finally, don’t drink milk – Milk can bring nutrition to our body, it is very true. However, cheese and milk can result in the build-up of mucus in the throat, so you can’t drink milk before singing if you want to have a beautiful voice.

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首先,保暖 - 寒冷的天氣會令身體變得寒冷,寒冷的身體會令血管收縮,緊張的肌肉會令歌聲變得緊張。

然後,休息你的聲音 - 然而,儘管你很喜歡唱歌,但不停的唱歌會令人疲憊。歌手就像運動員,運動員必須在兩場比賽之間休息一下,同樣,歌手需要在表演和排練之間休息一下。

再者,避免尖叫 - 你需要保護你的聲帶和歌聲,必須避免大聲呼喊,尖叫或不必要地拉緊聲音。

最後,唱歌前不要喝牛奶 - 牛奶可以為身體帶來營養,這是真實的。但是,奶酪和牛奶會導致喉嚨粘液積聚,這對於美麗的歌聲來說並不是一件好事。

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