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Best Team Building Activities Online by Vocal Coach Steve Tam ft JCDecaux 聲樂教練 - 在線最佳團隊活動

Best Team Building Activities Online by Vocal Coach Steve Tam ft JCDecaux How to turn yourself to be a SUPER ice-breaker in a conference room in front of all new faces? Dr. Steve’s Singing Corporate Training Program can be another tool to inspire you how to motivate others to listen and to focus on your speech Plan A: Steve give you coaching on how to break the ICE by increasing your confidence from your existing level to at least 30% to 100% Plan B: Steve designs you a tailor-make Theme song in order to let everyone in your conference to in unison or in harmony for a bit more spice. Steve also give Singing Training to facilitators and leader of the conference Programs are tailor-made to suit your needs. We cater to events of any size - for a half-hour small gathering or a full-day event, it's your choice. We are fully mobile, so wherever you are we can be there! Our aim is to re-invigorate and re-focus people, so that you can be sure your message is delivered to an alert audience that will leave the conference room brimming with enthusiasm, ready for the next challenge. 学唱歌 Ready to take action to try this new experience Call Steve Singing Corporate Training Program 問題: 如何打開自己是一個超級破冰船在所有新的面孔前面的會議室? Steve 的歌唱教練可以是另一種工具來激勵你如何激勵別人聽,並專注於你的發言 計劃A :Steve 給你指導如何通過增加從現有水平的信心,至少30 %至100 % ,以打破僵局 B計劃:Steve 設計出你是為了讓大家在您的會議,以統一或協調的多一點香料一個度身訂造主題曲。Steve 也給歌唱訓練,以促進和會議的領導者 程序是度身訂造,以滿足您的需求。我們應付任何規模的活動 - 為一個半小時小型聚會或全天的活動,它是你的選擇。我們完全移動,所以無論你在哪裡,我們可以在那裡!我們的目標是重新注入活力,並重新專注的人,這樣你可以確保你的信息被傳遞到將離開會議室熱情滿滿, 準備迎接下一個挑戰警示觀眾。 準備採取行動,嘗試這種全新的體驗 Sing and You Corporate Training Program - 2146-1188


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